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Guest articles… I would have done some in my career! And we’ve also accepted many on the LiveMentor blog. This article serves as a step-by-step guide for anyone who wants to write a guest post to gain exposure . And believe me, this method works:

– It allowed our student Mathias Savary to assert himself as a freelance copywriter with several thousand shares and dozens of comments on his guest articles. Working with students on their guest posts is one of my favorite activities!



It’s also a smart way to build lasting relationships with potential partners or anyone Guest Blogging in your ecosystem. I remember a masterclass given by Steven Spielberg in Paris a few years ago. He said a sentence that I have not been able to forget since: “You will always find the same faces in my credits, because when I work well with someone, there is no reason to change”

  • Don’t wait for someone to pick you up to start writing. The best bloggers are proactive : they reach out to the best in their industry, write great content, and quickly build a name for themselves.
  • These best bloggers have understood the advantages of guest articles: exposing themselves to new readers on very popular blogs / sites, generating a volley of quality backlinks to boost their natural referencing , growing their newsletter, etc…
  • Done right, and at the right time, guest posting is one of the best strategies for growing your fanbase and solidifying your brand identity .
  • He makes good films, but not only Steve…
  • We observe the same relationships between the best bloggers. They trust each other. They create content together. Successful guest content is an assurance of renewing the operation.

Finally, it’s a great way to build your brand by writing on the blogs of companies or entrepreneurs who share the same values ​​as you . It is coherent and powerful Article for a yoga teacher to write on the blog of an e-commerce site for organic products. So ask yourself where are the communities on the Internet that speak to you? Those with whom you would enjoy talking for hours about common passions.

Finally, it is also a great opportunity to communicate about a physical event  and develop your local SEO .


The worst thing you can do is to start writing before you fully research your partner blog’s audience. How does the usual editor express himself? Do we use tu or vouvoie the reader? Do we use emojis / GIFs?

  • To regularly receive requests from entrepreneurs wishing to write on the LiveMentor blog, I assure you that it is very appreciable to be contacted by someone  who has done their homework beforehand!
  • This concern being taken, we then concentrate on respecting the following rules:
  • – Original content that truly brings readers a delightful reading experience
  • – Content supported by real research:  graphs, figures, illustrations, good examples, deep and precise content that meets the expectations of users who have carried out the research, quotes from experts, and not only the opinion of the author. It’s easy to write what you think. It is more difficult to produce the figures that support this argument!
  • – Length! What is the point of accepting a very small guest article on your blog ? It is much easier to open the door to someone who arrives with a magnificent delicious carrot cake, than to someone who is content with a small croissant. Let’s make the effort to write guest articles that slam!


#1 Write a guest post before contacting the blog concerned ! It’s much more effective to send several story ideas with a few bullet points on each to spark a conversation.

#2 Considering that your brand comes before that of the partner blog. Each partner has an editorial line, which must be respected. Self-promotion on 5000 characters will please no one, and especially not the readers! And I’m not talking about affiliate links… Let’s be smart. Let’s first think about creating relevant content. And then apply some smart copywriting rules to put yourself forward subtly. The goal is to successfully integrate one or two backlinks to your own content. But in full transparency. The blog that will accept your article will require content that brings value to its audience. No self-promotion towards your content, which is bad for SEO and will drive readers away for sure.

#3 Go solo. Why not discuss with the partner blog to take their ideas on the guest article? It’s always nice to write together!

#4 Forgetting to request links to your own content (1 or 2 max to limit the risk of Google penalties).

#5 Forgetting to request a DoFollow when linking to your website. A DoFollow link indicates to Google that your site is a trusted site, and that it can be referenced on search engines. Conversely, the NoFollow link is a link that will not be referenced by Google. The site says it doesn’t want to send juice to you.


Above all, you must not rush headlong and choose your partner blog at random. Real research is needed. Let’s start by clearly defining your personas by listing your 100 blogs / podcasts / Youtube channels that best match the audience you want to target.

  • My time with  Antonin Archer , creator of the Nouvelle Ecole podcast, triggered thousands of subscriptions to the LiveMentor newsletter. Why such a success ? 
  • Because there is a very strong affinity between the Nouvelle Ecole community and the LiveMentor community. In both cases, these are people who want to change their lives.
  • We can’t imagine the relationships that can be created from a simple guest content or passage in a podcast or on a YouTube video!
  • Antonin has become a friend over time. I very naturally invited him to come and speak on stage during Live #1, our very first LiveMentor conference. We have a strong common desire to continue to create video and written content together over the next few years.
  • With a view to qualified traffic and natural referencing, we favor guest articles for blogs that have a similar semantic cocoon . If the theme of the blog on which you want to write is completely different from yours, you will lose Google when you insert your link. It will have difficulty interpreting the universe of your site, which will penalize your SEO score.

For example, we at LiveMentor have no use writing a guest post on a cooking blog.

Also take a look at site traffic . You can do this with the Similar Web tool . If the site has too little traffic, it may not be worth wasting time creating a large, quality article. Save it for later. And Google will give less weight to your anchors.


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