With cutting-edge coronavirus defense, Notebooksbilliger.de opens its doors in Munich.


It had been around for some time! However, the coronavirus does spread through the surrounding air, according to the Robert Koch Institute. The computer retailer Notebooksbilliger.de has increased coronavirus protection measures to reopen its Munich store, which goes much further than required to prevent this danger of infection. By removing pathogenic aerosols (small saliva particles) from the air, Trotec’s ground-breaking TAC V+ high-frequency air purifier will shield clients against an aerogenous infection. Aerosols are one of the primary sources of coronavirus infection, say scientists and virologists. However, the danger of disease caused by aerosols created during coughing and talking is considerably decreased if the ambient air is “washed” occasionally and adequately.

The company has installed the cutting-edge air filtration equipment of Trotec’s TAC V+ in its Munich store, which reopened on May 18, to protect staff and customers against coronavirus infection more efficiently than is legally allowed.

“Our first goal is ensuring the safety of both our clients and employees. We didn’t hesitate to change our hygiene practices because of this, especially now that the Robert Koch Institute has issued a warning concerning airborne transmission. Currently, our stores’ air will be continuously cleansed, ensuring that neither their staff nor customers will ever have to worry about viruses floating around in the air, “Paul Zidek, Head of Retail at Notebooksbilliger.de AG, made the statement.

Trotec, a German expert in ambient air filtration and a pioneer in designing mobile air purification devices with built-in HEPA-suspended particulate filters, will install the new TAC V+ air purifier, which was created explicitly for aerosol filtering in commercial settings.

The TAC V+ products were created especially for Notebooksbilliger.de in the recognizable orange hue of your business and customized with the phrase “Shop worry-free: we clean the air for you!” The devices are flawlessly incorporated into the company’s design in this way. They serve as a well-liked consumer service that offers greater security during the purchase rather than as a distraction for the business. Customers will value it, according to Paul Zidek.

What is Notebooksbilliger.de.

Notebooksbilliger.de is an online retailer based in Germany that sells laptops, tablets, and other computer-related products. They offer a wide range of electronics from major manufacturers such as Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and many others. It also provides other electronics, such as TVs, gaming devices, and home appliances.

Notebooksbilliger.de appears to be a legitimate and reputable online retailer. It has been in business for many years and has a large number of positive customer reviews. However, as with any online purchase, it is always a good idea to do your own research and read reviews from multiple sources to ensure that you feel comfortable making a purchase. Additionally, make sure to use a secure payment method and check the website’s SSL certificate to ensure that your personal and financial information is protected during the transaction.

Aerosols: the possibility of an undetectable virus in our air

We produce far more microscopic aerosols and huge, observable droplets in the form of “rain” when we speak, breathe, or cough. While it is true that large droplets sink after only 1.5 meters due to their weight (thus the safety distance of 1.5 meters), huge aerosols that are only one-thousandth of a millimeter in diameter stay in the air “in actuality, for several hours.” Safety distances, splash protection screens or masks, and more frequent hand washing are insufficient defenses against infection when shopping. When speaking, aerosols are released into the air, circulated in the store, and inhaled. The goal is to minimize mixing of the air breathed in the sales areas.

With the TAC V+ air purifier, stores and supermarkets will have breathable, virus-free air.

Trotec has created a distinctive ambient air purifier with HEPA thermal decontamination technology with the new TAC V+ air purifier. Mobile TAC V+ is used to clean and circulate the air in enclosed spaces to a level that is only on par with hygienically strict cleanroom conditions or hospital operating rooms. This is made possible by the air purifier’s extremely high air power and revolutionary HEPA thermal disinfection. Thus, it is possible to maintain the notebooksbilliger.de company in Munich practically virus and germ-free “independent of the number of employees present.”

This, which in theory seems quite sophisticated, is demonstrated to be the simplest. The HEPA filter draws in ambient air from below, teeming with bacteria and viruses, then purifies and disinfects it before returning it to space. No need for installation or intricate connections. Plug it in to start enjoying the best infection protection possible.

TAC V+ provides complete security for both clients and employees.

Reduced foot traffic, more thorough cleaning and disinfection processes, and safety distances are all reasonable safeguards when taken individually. However, Notebooksbilliger.de sought to go above and beyond the letter of the law by giving its customers and staff better service. They want to ensure that everyone in the area is protected from “all” potential transmission channels to be safe. This is based on the theory that infectious aerosols, released into the air when someone coughs but invisible to the environment, rise several meters into the air like smoke and only gradually and evenly dissipate over several hours; they are also hidden behind the ostensibly safe splash protection screens.

By utilizing a filter, the risk of occasionally pathogenic airborne particles is essentially eliminated.

To protect both customers and employees, more cannot be done, and less cannot be done:

  • Maintaining requirements and guidelines for hygiene (mandatory use of the mask, safety distances, limitation of the number of people in the store, reinforcement of surface disinfection)
  • Air purification to lower the danger of illness from the air

Facts about the HEPA H14 suspended particulate filter, which has a transmission degree of less than 0,005%

The H14 virus filters that Trotec specifically created for the TAC V+ air purifier dazzle with their superior filtering effectiveness and cutting-edge performance features. They provide a ten times more effective separation than ordinary H13 filters, with a pitch rate of just 0.005% and a separation degree of 99.995%. H14 high-performance filters are even used in operating rooms to create clean air and in other locations where it is crucial to preserve hygiene because of these first-rate qualities. Therefore, the highest level of security is to shield customers and workers of Notebooksbilliger.de AG from the dangers of infection.

The highest standards of quality are met by all high-performance H14 filters provided by Trotec, which are necessary for filtering germs and viruses:

  • Every high-performance H14 filter has been independently examined and is serial-numbered.
  • Each H14 filter comes with a duplicate certificate that details the test process.
  • The original test certificate can be affixed to the papers; if required, a copy can be placed in the air purifier.
  • High-performance HEPA H14 filters are examined by EN 1822 and EN 60335-2-69.


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