Why Men and Women Work Differently at the Same Natraj Pencil Packing Job


If you are currently working at Natraj Pencil Packing Job, you might have wondered why women and men work differently at the same job. This article will help you understand the differences and explain why this is so. You will also learn how to deal with them.

Research and development department

The pencil industry is a story of a traditional business community. Even with the advent of new technologies and innovations, pencils remain labor-intensive, with a manufacturing process that takes a few weeks to complete. And as the market becomes more competitive, pencils look out-of-fashion in front of touch screens. But the key to pencil rejuvenation lies in connecting with children.

A company like Hindustan Pencils started out in 1958. It has 10 plants in five locations. It harvests wood from private land and farms. It exports to 50 countries. Most of its revenue is generated from its own brand of pencils. However, it also has a large market share in other products, including fountain pens, sealing wax, school chalks, and tablet ink powder. This market share has helped the company stay dominant despite the fact that it has no foreign partner.

Another company in the pencil industry is Doms, which was founded in Umbergaon in 1970. Initially, it made school chalk. But in 1970, the company forayed into colored pencils. Today, Doms has 15 members in leadership roles.

Apsara vs Nataraj brands

The Indian pencil industry is dominated by a handful of family-owned companies. There are two major categories. One is the branded sector and the other is the unorganized market. Although pencil sales are still rising in India, overall growth is slow. This is because the branded sector is largely controlled by a few large players.

A large company that has become very popular in the pencil manufacturing sector in India is Hindustan Pencils Pvt. Ltd. The company makes wood-cased pencils and writing instruments. They are also known for producing high-quality graphite lead.

The company is one of the largest manufacturers of pencils and other stationery products in India. It produces 8.5 million pencils and 2.5 million erasers each day. It has a presence in over 50 countries around the world. Some of the leading brands are Apsara and Nataraj. These pencils are in high demand worldwide.

Hindustan Pencils has also branched out into other products. In addition to pencils, they produce pens, rulers, sharpeners, and erasers.

Commitment to the society

The pencil manufacturer Hindustan Pencils has a number of charitable endeavors to keep its fingers warm. Aside from donating a significant portion of its annual profits, the company has also taken the lead in providing free vaccines to young women. In addition, they have been able to provide corrective surgery for polio-affected children in rural areas. They have also partnered with various institutions to provide special needs care to those in need. It’s a great feeling to know that you are helping out in your local community.

Although there are no hard and fast rules, it seems that men have a stronger preference for this type of benevolence than their female counterparts. This is not to say that women are not worthy in their own right.

Low net profit margins

In a world of touchscreens and smart boards, wooden pencils might seem like a retro item. But they still remain popular with kids because of their motor skills development. They are a part of the educational infrastructure in primary schools. A large part of the domestic demand for pencils has been satisfied by Hindustan Pencils. Its products are sold in over 50 countries.

The company has 10 plants in five locations. It is the largest manufacturer of writing instruments in India and has a market share of 45%. Its products include Nataraj and Apsara pencils. Their net profit margin is low.

Doms has been the fastest-growing pencil manufacturer in the country and has steadily increased its profits from Rs 13 crore in 2014 to Rs 26 crore in 2017-18. Its core competency is pencil manufacturing. Moreover, it offers pencils at prices ranging from Rs 2-7. And the company’s debt-to-equity ratio is low at 0.21.

Bottom Line:

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