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Why ePRO Is Gaining Popularity in Clinical Trials

ePRO is the electronic version of paper questionnaires and other data collection tools. It’s commonly used in clinical trials because it allows clinical site staff to connect directly with participants and collect data via an online portal.

What is ePRO?

ePRO is a data collection method for clinical trials that allow patients to report outcomes and symptoms via an online survey. The questionnaires are available on a secure website or mobile device, and they can be completed at home or in the doctor’s office.

It is common to use ePRO clinical trials as it helps to track how well patients feel as they progress through treatment. These types of questions ask participants about their symptoms, including pain levels and sleep quality. They also ask how much energy they have had each day during the study period.

In electronic PRO studies, participants will submit answers to these surveys using the internet or mobile apps rather than filling out paper forms by hand at appointments with their doctors or other healthcare providers involved in the study.

How does ePRO work?

ePRO is an online system that allows you to gather data from participants remotely. The ePRO participant downloads a piece of software onto their computer or mobile device and then completes the requested tasks at their own pace. This means that you don’t have to keep track of when each participant should complete their surveys because they will do so individually in their own time.

According to Medable experts, “See how this platform makes decentralized clinical trials more efficient.”

The benefits of ePRO

ePRO offers a convenient, cost-effective way to participate in clinical trials. Because ePRO allows you to complete the research process at your own pace, you can take part in more trials at once. In addition, ePRO helps researchers recruit more participants because it’s easier for people to enroll when they can do so from home or work without disrupting their schedule.

Finally, ePRO makes the process cheaper for everyone involved:

  • The drug company gets cheaper data collection and analysis costs.
  • The study sponsor saves money by not having to pay for travel expenses or hotel stays.
  • Participants spend less time out of their day taking part in clinical trials that they might not have qualified for anyway.

What does it mean for research participants and patients?

ePRO’s streamlined data collection process allows for more efficient use of time and resources. Rather than spending hours in the clinic or on a long phone call with a research assistant, patients can accomplish all their necessary tasks from their homes at their own pace. 

This convenience increases patient engagement and retention in clinical studies. 

ePRO is the way forward!

In today’s world, getting patients to participate in clinical trials can be difficult. ePRO is a great solution for patient recruitment. ePRO is an online portal that makes it easy for patients to register and consent electronically. 

It also reduces the burden on research institutions by eliminating paper-based data collection processes, which saves time and money by reducing administrative costs associated with the manual processing of paper forms.

ePRO offers several benefits over traditional paper-based trials:

  • Patients can access their health data from anywhere at any time
  • All information is available instantly when needed (i.e., during appointments)

ePRO is gaining popularity in clinical trials because it is simple and easy to use. It allows patients to complete their own trial-related documents electronically and securely without traveling for appointments or scanning paperwork.



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