Who Is Eligible For A Study Visa?


Are you worrying about whether you match the eligibility to receive the study visa to your favorite study destination or not? Well, there is no denying the fact that the visa-granting authorities are making the process to obtain the visa quite stringent. Candidates are facing refusals but remember the right guidance can provide you with great assistance. Read this article to bust the bubbles of doubts regarding your eligibility to receive the study visa or not.

To receive the visa to your favorite study detention, one must first check if he is eligible to revive the visa or not. This article will help you get an exact answer to your search. However, one must seek the right guidance from experienced people. Thus, if you wish to know how to remove a hindrance from your path to obtaining a Canada study visa. Then, connect with the best Canada study visa consultants in Ludhiana and seek the right guidance. 

Let’s learn who is actually eligible to receive a study visa:

A person registered with DLI

A designated learning institution or simply DLI is basically a school that is authorized by the Canadian government to host international schools. To apply to the post-secondary school, one must ensure that the school is on the list of DLI. The university/school you will apply to will send you DLI if you meet all the eligibility criteria. During the processing of the visa, the candidate has to show the offer letter that DLI sends to him. Without this offer letter, he can’t proceed further. Thus, obtain your offer letter from the DLI. 

Note that candidates can continue to study till the expiry date of their visa if the college/university they are studying at loses its status. However, you have to apply to another university if the authorities direct you to do so. Thus, ensure that the college you are applying to is on the list of the DLI. 

Financial requirements 

Now comes the most imperative requirement that plays a vital role in making the final decision. Your financial capacity to afford your college fees and manage your daily expenses. For this, the candidate has to submit a statement from the bank along with other proof of funds. Candidates can also provide loan statements as a PoF if he has applied for a loan. Every country can specify its own financial requirements to offer the visa. Thus, one must seek the right guidance from the experts.


The SOP of the candidates plays a very significant decision. On the basis of this SOP, the visa grating authorities decide whether to give you a visa or not. An SOP must be written with all the requirements to convince the officers that you will return to your home country once your course is completed. SOP which is also popular with the name of the letter of intent also makes you eligible to study abroad

Medical Fitness 

In order to receive the study visa, the candidate must be medically fit. You can get your medical checkup done before applying for the visa or after applying for the visa. The embassy will direct you to a panel of doctors who will conduct a medical check-up of you. You will receive a document that you have to attach along with the documents that the visa-granting authorities will process. 

Criminal record 

The candidates who are applying for the study visa must not have any criminal record in the past. Any criminal record will surely hinder your progress in the study visa approval. Basically, the visa grating authorities will deny your visa only if they found that the candidate is a threat to the people living around them. 

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In the last, we advise you to get the best guidance from experienced people if you are struggling to receive the visa. Make sure to follow the right strategies to find out if the visa consultants you are contacting are genuine and giving you the right guidance. 


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