What Is SkyActiv Technology?


You’ve undoubtedly heard of “SkyActiv technology” if you’re searching for a new automobile with excellent fuel efficiency.

The development of more efficient engines has been a recent focus for many automakers, and developments like Ford’s EcoBoost engines have proven to be very popular with new vehicle customers.

Over the last several years, Japanese automaker Mazda has created SkyActiv technology, which refers to a number of technical advancements that make its vehicles safer, better to drive, and more economical. To learn more about SkyActiv and the advantages it provides, keep reading.

Instead of using electric automobiles, SkyActiv technology uses cleaner gasoline and diesel engines.

Many automakers had to decide in recent years whether they wanted to focus on developing an electric vehicle or on improving the efficiency of their current engines.

Mazda’s approach to car electrification has been straightforward from the start: they weren’t going to create one. Instead of concentrating on electric vehicles, the corporation chose to concentrate on clean diesel and gasoline engines.

Mazda’s Mr. Wager stated: “As everyone was releasing EVs or hybrids, Mazda decided against attempting to alter the way that people typically drive. Mazda made the decision to make changes to every aspect of the vehicle in order to help customers achieve two common objectives: improved fuel efficiency and environmental awareness.”

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What Is The SkyActiv Technology?

SkyActiv is a collection of features that significantly improves the fuel economy, safety, and other aspects of Mazda automobiles. It includes upgraded engines and gearboxes, more streamlined exterior designs, and “lightweighting” of structural components.

What does that signify, though? Mazda’s CMO for the USA, Russell Wager, said to Forbes magazine: “It’s difficult to comprehend. Consumers are far more likely to put the [Mazda] brand on their purchasing lists when it is presented to them and they comprehend it.”

Contrary to some other automakers, SkyActiv takes a more comprehensive strategy rather than focusing on one or two main technologies.

It encompasses everything from cutting-edge engines to lightweight body designs, as well as a management philosophy for the business and its production facilities. As Mazda’s president for Europe, Jeff Guyton, put it, “SkyActiv makes Mazda itself more efficient.”

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Advantages of SkyActiv Technology

SkyActiv technology offers three key advantages

SkyActiv has focused its efforts on three key areas.

First, Mazda has improved the efficiency of its engines. Its brand-new engine has the lowest compression ratio of any mass-produced diesel engine in the world at 14:1. As a consequence, fuel efficiency has increased by 20% and CO2 emissions have decreased by 20%, saving drivers money on their road tax and “benefit in kind” expenses.

Additionally, the petrol engine has been modified, resulting in a 15% increase in fuel efficiency and a 15% decrease in dangerous CO2 emissions. Compared to a Formula One engine, it has a greater compression ratio.

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Mazda has put a lot of effort into creating changes to the aerodynamics of its vehicles in addition to increasing the yields of its engines. Due to the use of high-tensile steel, which is thinner but stronger than traditional steel, the majority of Mazda vehicles are now lighter than previously.

Thirdly, Mazda has improved the effectiveness of its gearboxes. Its compact six-speed manual transmission provides snappy gear changes, while the automatic transmission with a cutting-edge torque converter and lock-up clutch improves fuel efficiency by up to 7%.

SkyActiv vehicles, in Jim O’Sullivan’s opinion, are poised to gain popularity on a worldwide scale. “We believe they’re going to make a major sensation,” he added.

This is particularly true when you take into account how our clean diesel technology responds to increasing consumer concerns about rising fuel prices and the environment.

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