Twitter Shows Tweets How Many Views They Get


Twitter has always been good at letting you know how many people have seen your tweets. Still, they’re going one step further and letting you know how many of those views were engagements – which is a fancy way of saying “views that resulted in a response from a user. This information is available on the Tweets page under the “Views” tab, and it’s cool to see who’s been retweeting your tweets and what kinds of responses they’ve been giving.

What Exactly Does Twitter Show?

If you’re wondering how many people see your tweets, Twitter has you covered. Just type @mention and the person’s Twitter handle into the search bar at the top of your screen, and Twitter will show you their latest tweets with a counter on them. You can also see this information by clicking on “View Recent Tweets” under your account’s profile:

Twitter also keeps track of how many times each tweet has been retweeted and favored. If you want to see all these numbers for a given tweet, hover your cursor over it, and Twitter will tell you all that stat about it.

Twitter’s New Feature for Your Tweets

Twitter has introduced a new feature to show users how often their tweets have been viewed. This is available in the settings menu of your Twitter account and will display a bar beside each tweet with the number of views it has had. The idea behind this is to help you gauge the popularity of your tweets and see which ones are getting the most attention.

Non-Invasive Ways to Get an Audience

Twitter is a great way to see how many views your tweets get. When you post a new tweet, Twitter will show you how many people have seen it and whether it has been favorited or retweeted. You can also see this information by clicking on the “View Count” link in the menu at the top of your screen.

Twitter is a great way to get an audience interested in your content. You can see how many views your tweet has received and track which tweets are getting the most attention. Here are some tips for using Twitter to get an audience:

1. Make sure your Twitter account is set up correctly. You need to have a valid email address, and you need to be registered with Twitter. If you still need to get on Twitter, sign up now at

2. Choose a high-profile topic for your first tweet. This will help you get more people interested in your account and make it easier for people to find your tweets when they’re looking for information about that topic.

3. Share exciting and relevant content regularly. This will keep your followers interested in what you have to say and help you build relationships with them.

4. Use hashtags when sharing content on Twitter. This will help people find related tweets quickly and give your tweets a bit of extra visibility (especially if you use popular hashtags).

5. Respond quickly to comments posted about your content on Twitter. This will show that you care about the feedback your followers provide, and it will also encourage other potential readers to share your content (since they’ll know that they can expect a response from you).


Twitter has released a new feature that shows users how many tweets their account has received in real-time. This information is displayed next to the user’s name on Twitter profiles and when viewing a tweet from that account. The number of views for each tweet is also included.


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