Things To Consider Before Buying Used Daihatsu Hijet


Minitrucks are highly useful and are suitable for both commercial and personal use. Daihatsu Hijet is a top choice among customers. It has a reputation as a microvan that comes in many variants. It is a Kei truck popular for its fuel efficiency and easy maneuverability. Daihatsu Hijet was introduced in 1960 and has been in production for over 60 years.

The model came in eleven generations. However, vehicle specifications have changed a lot with time. The total production of the vehicle has been more than 7.5 million units. It has been a popular vehicle across many industries and is still in demand for its size and fuel efficiency. There have been a lot of favorable changes due to which the vehicle demand kept increasing. The company has been working on making the vehicle better. Even used Daihatsu Hijet is in demand. Used Daihatsu Hijet For Sale is available on different websites. Make sure you pick a reliable website. Moreover, you should consider the following aspects before buying a used Daihatsu Hijet;

Check The Condition

Before you buy a Daihatsu Hijet, check its condition thoroughly, including interior and exterior. It will give you an idea of its previous use and purpose. The exterior and interior condition will tell you much about whether you should buy it. If you see any part which is damaged and whose repair is difficult or will be costly to repair, take it as a negative sign. However, if you feel like the condition is fine and needs a few repairs, which would not be very costly, you can buy it.


Check the history of the vehicle. This includes previous owners of the vehicle. Most important is the number of owners, which will give an indication of the condition. If a vehicle has more than one owner, you must check thoroughly because multiple people have used it. Ideally, only one owner has used the vehicle before you buy it. It will imply that the condition would not be too bad. The record of accidents is also important. See if the vehicle has been in a severe accident or accident before buying it and what the impact was on the vehicle’s exterior, interior, engine, and other parts. The accident history will tell you if the Hijet is safe or risky. If an accident damages the engine, you might not want to buy such a vehicle.

Test Drive

Do not skip the test drive. Looking at a car might show you something, but while driving, it may tell you a completely different story. Daihatsu Hijet is a compact microvan and if you decide to buy a used one, make sure it is smooth when driven. It may have been used for commercial purposes. In that case, a test drive will tell you if it’s still in good condition to drive or not. A test drive will also clarify if the previous accidents have or have not damaged the vehicle much.

For What It Has Been Used

Ask the previous owner if he has been using the car commercially or personally. If commercial, ask if they used it for transporting stock or for passengers. The heavier the weight it has been carrying, the higher the chance its condition is not too good. Do not buy it if it has been used long and for a heavy weight. Moreover, the roads it has been used on also matter. If Daihatsu Hijet has been used in rural areas where roads were not constructed or driven in fields, its condition would likely be too good.

Mechanic Check

Do not rely on yourself while checking the vehicle. Please take it to a mechanic for internal checks. The mechanic will tell you if the vehicle is fit for buying; or is too worn out to be purchased and used again. The mechanic’s judgment will be more reliable than yours. Do not skip this step. A mechanic will even find out how the vehicle has been in use. The mechanic will clarify any misstatement by the owner. If the mechanic gives you the green signal, go for it.


Daihatsu Hijet is a very useful and compact microvan used for multiple purposes. A previous owner might have used it in rural areas to deliver shipments or as a passenger transport vehicle. In any case, while buying a used Daihatsu Hijet, you have to ensure that it has been used appropriately and that such use has not caused serious damage to the vehicle. The vehicle has been in high demand due to its features like fuel efficiency, size, easy handling, etc. However, when buying a used one, you must act rationally. If you are not an expert, consult help from any friend or family who knows what to look for in a used car. It would be best if you consult a mechanic for a final check which should be the basis for the final decision.

A vehicle like Daihatsu Hijet is a low-cost and high-usage compact van. It is a good idea to buy this vehicle for any commercial or personal purpose. Even if the vehicle is used, it can give you a lot of benefits. However, while buying a used Daihatsu Hijet, you must consider all the listed factors to make your buying decision worthwhile. Try to look for a vehicle that looks as good as new or otherwise it’s interior and exterior are not too bad. Whenever you buy a used vehicle, it is implied that it will need repairs. However, make sure you do not have to spend much on repairs. Rather go for the unit that does not need much repairing since you are already spending on it.

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