The importance of having a good portfolio as a freelancer


When talking about having your own portfolio, many people imagine that this is something unique to graphic designers, photographers or professionals who work in creative areas, because years ago this was the case. Talking about portfolios was talking about advertising samples or visual pieces. For more information visit our site career counselling edmonton

However, today, all professionals should have a portfolio to show their skills in their area, as well as their achievements. Especially if you work freelance, this is a requirement.

Maybe you are wondering why bother to create a portfolio, if your CV and an interview are enough. This is not the case today, as hiring dynamics change and evolve.

When a client decides to do a project, they receive all kinds of offers and are exposed to a lot of all kinds of publicity. Even if you search websites or social networks for the solution to your problem, many companies will claim to offer it.

However, the purchase decision will depend on many factors. The main one of all: Confidence.

So is. Price is not everything in a negotiation. The client needs to ensure that his investment will be used in the best way. That, definitely, among so many offers, the one you choose will bring you the best balance between cost and benefit. That he will get the best he can pay for.

So, if you thought your photo and CV were enough, think again:

As a professional, regardless of your field, you really function as a one-person company. When a client chooses to hire you, he is buying the service of “your company”. Therefore, you should work on the image of it.

What to put in my portfolio if I don’t work in a design area?

The big question that many ask themselves. And of course, it is not always easy to know what to put in the portfolio, especially if you do not have much experience. This is a topic that we have previously covered and you can read about in our article “How to create a portfolio when you have no experience” .

A professional portfolio does not necessarily have to contain pretty images or photographs of “creative” things. The real purpose of having a good portfolio is to show potential clients that your work is valuable . That is, show your quality, regardless of your area.

Within it, you can add details such as descriptions of projects you’ve previously done, achievements you’ve made in a certain area, brands you’ve worked with (if you have any), and reviews of what your customers are saying.

In short, it is about documenting your achievements in any way to build customer trust .

What things should I include in my portfolio?

The elements contained within your professional portfolio or portfolios may vary according to your experience, profession or work area. But try to include the following:

  • Resume or professional biography
  • List of products and/or service packages that you offer
  • Samples of work you have done (photos, own illustrations, PDF, screenshots, even links to samples of your work)
  • Reviews of how your previous projects were carried out
  • Your most important achievements
  • Certifications, awards or recognitions
  • Comments or recommendations from clients you have worked with

Gather all the elements that you consider pertinent and place them all together. No matter what you choose, then you can organize everything.

What are the benefits of making a portfolio?

A well-crafted portfolio can do a lot for you in and out of the digital world.

You can think of it as a marketing catalog to help you sell more. By showcasing your skills, knowledge, and achievements, your potential customers can get a better idea of ​​how you can help them.

It will help you win more projects

Of course, the ultimate goal of making your portfolio eye-catching or attractive is to help you sell more. If you work online, on a platform like , rest assured that your potential clients will want to see your profile . They will want to make sure that you really have the ability to do what they need. A well-detailed portfolio showcasing your best work will work for you 24/7. Even for external clients, with whom you can share the link to your portfolio so they know more about you (you can customize your URL in the Portfolio section . 

The client will enter your profile and want to see, not only your certifications, but tangible samples of what you do. The more items and abilities you place, the more chance there is for him to choose your offers.

Don’t fill out your portfolio just to fill it out or to meet a minimum fill requirement. It is important that you choose carefully what you want to display and that you place the largest amount possible, not the minimum required.

Also, on almost any job platform, the most complete profiles show up first in search results . This also affects the customer’s decision, since they want their problem to be solved quickly. It is easier for you to choose the first profile that meets the requirements you are looking for and give you a reasonable price.

Hence the importance of completing as much as you can, with all the elements you have.

It will be a support in your interviews

Whether you work as a brand consultant, editor, programmer , etc., by conducting a job interview virtually or in person, you will be able to show your portfolio and its elements to the client, which will support you visually so as not to forget details about things you wanted to talk about.

While showing your portfolio to your client, you will be able to talk and discuss your work experience. Tell how the work was done, tell him about what you achieved on that occasion, how much you liked working on the project or how your previous client obtained the result he had sought so much.

Hence the importance of always keeping it updated with the latest projects you have carried out. Every new project or job counts. 

It will be a useful reminder of all your achievements so you don’t overlook anything and better express your ideas.

Helps you talk about your career

It is not the same to talk about something than to show it with images. Therefore, add screenshots, photos, page samples and sites or testimonials that attest to what you say.

Sometimes counting your achievements and promoting yourself can be uncomfortable or it can be difficult to express yourself. But with a good portfolio, you can show what you say with tangible and verifiable facts. It won’t just be your opinion of yourself that you’ve done a great job. You will have the support that demonstrates everything you have achieved.

You can better negotiate your fees

There is a phrase that says that in life you do not get what you deserve, but what you negotiate for.

This sentence is true in the sense that, even if you are very good at something, you will not get enough revenue unless you know how to trade it.

A good portfolio of services will help you better negotiate your prices. As we have previously said, for the customer it is not just about price. In most cases you will be willing to pay more if you know you will get something better. That is, if he sees the value of what he is acquiring.

Obviously, the client will ask questions such as : is it worth what I am going to pay? or could i get a better price for this? It is then when a portfolio will help you to negotiate, not a reduction in the price, but an adjustment in your services to offer (add or remove elements) to adjust costs. In this way, you do not cheapen the value of your services, you only offer the client smaller amounts of it.


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