The Complete Collection of Ideas for Family Portraits!


For family photographers, September and October are the busiest months. Everyone seems to want pictures of autumnal foliage. But there are dozens of opportunities to dazzle clients with enjoyable sessions and fantastic images, with fall photos being just one of them. A lengthy list of concepts for family portraits has been prepared.

Classic Portraiture

Make time for at least one classic portrait even if your simpsons family portrait session is less formal. Everyone is lined up and smiling their best for the camera. That is, at least, the plan. For every season, including winter, spring, summer, and fall, we have ideas for family photos. The following suggestions are excellent for fusing traditional portrait poses with natural play. Nevertheless, they are seasonal and demand pleasant outdoor weather!

Don’t just linger there and gaze at the orange, gold, and golden trees. Take part in them. Both children and adults will enjoy throwing leaves, jumping in piles of them, and discovering the various shapes and textures.

Christmas Tree Decorations

Customers would enjoy any Christmas scenario. But because it fosters a festive atmosphere and gives kids something to do, Christmas tree decorating is ideal for family photos. Don’t forget to pose for some pictures with the tree looking festive in all its glory!

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The best way to get stunning bokeh may be to take a family photo with Christmas lights. For your scene, choose coloured or white lights. Use the lights to draw attention to your subject or to add background bokeh orbs. The master of lighting, Gary Fong, provides excellent video instructions on ideas for rocking around a Christmas tree for portraits here.

Purchasing Ice Cream

Who among children can refuse an ice cream cone? In actuality, what adult does not adore ice cream? After a session, instead of luring kids with ice cream (you did it!). These, in my opinion, would look especially lovely in upscale ice cream parlours or vintage soda parlours.

Other Ideas for Seasonal Family Photos

  • on the shore.
  • It happened at a fair.
  • a leisurely day by the pool.
  • The occasion is July 4th.
  • Smiles and sparklers.

The lifestyle of pictures is centred on member interaction. These sessions largely avoid posing in favour of capturing natural expressions. Many don’t need a complicated set or a lot of props and can be performed both inside and outside. For your next client, try one of these suggestions.

Family Portrait Themes

For families who reside close to a football field or baseball diamond in the summer or fall, sports-themed lessons are ideal. Any sport that has meaning to the subject of the portrait, whether it be football, baseball, volleyball, basketball, rodeo, or swimming, is a great source of photographic inspiration.

All Supermans, please! Is this the genuine Superman? Superpersons? Regardless… Choose a superhero and a setting, then let your imagination soar. Members of the same family can dress up as the same superhero, different superheroes, or a mix of villains and superheroes!

We still haven’t finished the lengthy list of portrait inspirations that we promised you! Here are some more suggestions for photo shoots. These ideas call for a little more planning and cooperation. The outcomes are spectacular if they stick to the principle, though!

Family Crazy

Use an unusual photo if your clients have a great sense of humour. Allow the kids to imprison the parents, or use Photoshop to make it look like the parents taped the kids to the wall. Everyone has more fun when the scenario is bizarre and absurd.

Options for Family Portrait Clothing

The most frequent query from customers is “What Should We Wear?” Be prepared to offer your clients straightforward fashion advice.

Beautiful portraits can be created with very little gear. Using a cell phone to take candid pictures that can be shared on social media is ideal. On the other hand, large prints call for a mirrorless or DSLR camera and an excellent lens.

Encourage clients to wear outfits that complement one another rather than match. The entire family dressed in white t-shirts and denim looks out of date these days. Similarly, matching flannel shirts are a passé fashion. Clients should also try to unwind during their sessions! Encourage children to dress for the weather, to wear comfortable shoes, and to be comfortable in their clothing.

Look for a camera with at least 24 MP of resolution. For printing in higher resolution formats like 1114 or 1620 prints and canvas, this resolution is sufficient. Additionally, you’ll need a camera that can capture vivid colours and stop time for photos that are as clear as can be. A portrait lens with a medium focal length, such as a 50mm f/1.8, 85mm f/1.8, or 24-70mm f/2.8 zoom, should be used in conjunction with it.


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