Consider Integrating A Taxi Service With A Courier Service To Gain An Advantage Over The Competition


If you are a taxi owner who wants to relaunch your taxi business with a bang and reach out to a large audience, there are innovations you can associate with your taxi booking business to bring it back in the ride-hailing market. Taxi services have seen a significant decline since COVID-19, with people fearful of using taxis as a mode of transportation because they may be exposed to infected strangers and lack sanitization facilities.

The pre-covid conditions for the ride healing businesses were quite pleasant, as taxis are a great source of comfort and a quick commute, without the hassle of having to park your vehicle or getting stuck in traffic.

Let’s explore the possibilities of getting your taxi business back on track.

Developing inDriver Clone App – Taxi Combination with Parcel Delivery

Do you want a solution that will magically magically transform the on-demand taxi booking and delivery industry?

V3Cube has the ideal combo app for you. Witness the inDriver Clone App power, a one-of-a-kind hybrid of a taxi app and a parcel delivery app. Your customers and delivery drivers can both benefit from the power of this app with a single download and login. This app was created by a team of on-demand mobile application development experts and includes some of the most important industry features.

Why Should You Partner With V3Cube to Develop inDriver Clone App?

People are looking for solutions to make their lives easier as the market evolves. You can provide your customers with the convenience of booking taxis and sending parcels quickly and easily by using the inDriver Clone App.

When you partner with an app development company you shall receive:

The app’s white labelling

To make it truly yours, the app will be rebranded and white-labeled with your company or brand name and logo throughout. There is also no charge for this service!

Downloading and installing applications

The code, database, and web services are free to configure, upload, and instal on the Online Web Server, Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Android Play Store.

App approvals for the Play Store/App Store

Our app is superior in every technical aspect. This is why we guarantee that your apps will be approved by the iTunes and Google Play Stores. We take full responsibility for all technical issues and will make certain that your apps can be easily launched on these stores.

Lifetime license

We handle the licence for your brand/one domain. There are no additional costs for purchasing or renewing the licence once you have paid us for the app.

100% Customization

You will receive an open license code from us, so our team is able to make any changes you think are appropriate. Any customizations you want to make yourself are fine. Because it is open source, any competent developer will be able to make the necessary changes.

Responsive web panel’s

The web panels designed by our designers for the inDriver Clone App are completely responsive. The main website, as well as the app for customers and service providers, are both very responsive. Because it is so responsive, this app works flawlessly on any device, including PCs, tablets, Android phones, iPhone/iPad, Windows or Blackberry phones, and so on.

Various Payment Options

Because of the world’s transition to digital technologies, few people today save a significant amount of money. Everyone has a digital wallet or a credit/debit card. Taxi booking apps like Uber accept almost all payment methods for the convenience of the consumer. Some apps even include a digital wallet. Users can enter money, and the fare is automatically deducted when transportation or package delivery is performed.

Solid Admin Dashboard

An effective dashboard can be a simple tool that helps your on demand business operations become more meaningful, effective, and data-driven. As an administrator, you can monitor how your ride-hailing company conducts business as a whole and properly recognise exceptional individual achievements.

As a result of this comprehensive understanding, businesses can identify potential process vulnerabilities and make informed decisions are thus critical to your company’s overall success.

Final Thoughts

The inDriver Clone App allows users to book professional taxis on the go and schedule parcel delivery services.

The app already has two significant services, and it is thought to have the potential to attract more customers if it is promoted with Promo-codes, Discounted deals, Rewards programs, and so on.

The app functions as a multi-service facilitator, offering on-demand Parcel Delivery and Taxi Booking services as well as the ability for users to add other apps to their smartphones.


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