Best On-demand Taxi Booking Apps That Help You Rule The Taxi Market


A few years ago, all you had to do was raise your hand to hail a taxi. The fact that it frequently passed us made taking a taxi to work a real hassle. In addition, taking a cab was expensive and regarded as an aristocratic activity. However, when technology and times evolved, Uber was introduced to help customers’ problems to a minimum. It is now simple and quick to hail a cab thanks to smartphone app technology. In both the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store, there are numerous apps that we can take inspiration for your taxi booking business. It might be challenging to select the top taxi booking apps, and this can vary by country.

Following is the list of the Best On-demand Taxi Booking Apps that you can launch globally:

Uber Clone App

An on-demand taxi booking tool like Uber lets businesses contact more clients by offering car services whenever needed. The platform manages all services like taxi booking, carpooling, taxi renting, automobile sharing, etc. 

If you are a business person or already an established entrepreneur who wants to launch a ride-hailing service online, V3Cube offers a white-label Uber clone app solution Malaysia with a variety of unique features, including restricted driver fraud, taxi booking through an iWatch app, location-based push notifications, Multiple languages & currencies, Multiple credit card management, Location-based Promo-codes and more.

DiDi Clone

It is a pre-built, market-ready fully functional DiDi Clone App that lets your customer book taxis on-demand. They can also schedule one for a later date. This user-friendly, feature-rich taxi booking app will assist in launching your taxi business seamlessly in just a week. With only a few clicks, your users can book services like taxi rentals, carpooling, scheduling a ride to the airport, and much more using the feature-rich app. Your users will find it simple to use the taxi booking app to book the car type of their choice, choose their preferred payment method, track the ride, add up to five emergency contacts, and more! This is the fastest method for your users to book taxi rides. 

Within a week or two, you can have a white-labeled DiDi-like app launched under your brand name.

InDriver Clone

A fantastic combination of a taxi app with an on-demand package delivery business is the inDriver Software Clone. The functionality of this software is accessible to both customers and delivery drivers with just one download and log in.

With some of the most practical features available, this Taxi plus Parcel Delivery App solution was developed by a team of experts in the field of designing mobile applications on demand.

You may make ordering cabs and quick and easy delivery of goods for your customers with an inDriver App clone. The Ride with Parcel Delivery App is “launch-ready” due to its distinctive design.


With the integration of some features, V3Cube offers a ready-to-use Cabify clone app platform that can help a taxi company get off the ground quickly and gain market share. With the most reliable technology stack, this cutting-edge application was created. This script is built for great speed using everything from sophisticated server technologies to native iOS and Android technologies. Your users can schedule their taxi rides, get real-time updates about the driver’s whereabouts, In-app calling, Video calling the driver, Transparent pricing, iWatch App, and more of these latest app features are included. 

For iOS and Android, the following technologies are used: Swift, Objective-C, Java, NDK, and Kotlin. While for the web, the terms used are HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap.

Lyft Clone

The concept of the Lyft Clone App is inspired by the parent app. This On-demand taxi booking app allows your users to boo taxis on the go. They can also schedule for a later date as well as choose Taxi Rentals. 

You can use Lyft to quickly book a ride. The USPs of this taxi service includes a secure payment gateway integration, reasonable rides, and a real-time tracker. Additionally, Lyft Clone App is affordable and ready to use in a week.

Taxi Apps Solutions are proliferating all over the place. As a result, nearly all investors, both big and little, want to profit from the Taxi App Solution. The two best examples from which to draw inspiration are Uber and Lyft. Why not, then? It is the most successful revenue-generating application that is thriving Post COVID.

Bitaksi Clone

You can take charge of your taxi business with the help of our Bitaksi Clone App. With many features and an easy user interface, our White-Label Uber Clone will help you dominate the ride-sharing industry. You may offer Uber-like Taxis on demand, Moto Rides, Uber-like Taxi Rentals, Moto Rentals, and more with this on-demand taxi service. 

This ready-to-use, white-labeled ride-hailing script can be modified to meet the unique needs of your taxi firm. The name and logo of your taxi company will be included in our standard app. For the convenience of your clients, we’ll incorporate your desired language, currency, and even payment gateway. Even the color palette of your app will be matched to the emblem of your business.

You can communicate with all of your potential consumer’s thanks to our taxi booking app solution, which includes native iOS and Android apps.

You may start an on-demand taxi service anywhere in the world in 7 business days with our White-label Taxi App Solution.

In Conclusion

With their unique features added to the list, these applications are regarded as the best Uber-like Alternatives. With so many taxi booking applications available worldwide, their distinctive features help them stand out from the competition. In addition to assisting drivers in making some more money, taxi booking apps are advancing in terms of client convenience and dependability with time.

Are you aiming to provide on-demand taxi services with a touch of your originality? Contact V3Cube App Representative for real-time demos.


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