Sony has a solution to the shortage of PlayStation 5 consoles 2023!


Sony’s master plan aimed at putting a stop to the shortage of PlayStation 5 consoles is very likely to disappoint you when you get to know it in full detail.

Getting a PlayStation 5 has become such a complicated task that many users have given up. The scarcity of these consoles is due to many factors, playstation 5, but the important thing is that they run out as soon as there is a certain stock and it is almost impossible to enjoy the new generation of consoles .


The most logical thought is to believe that Sony has taken action on the matter and that it is already working to be able to bring PlayStation 5 consoles fresh from the factory to the homes of the most gamers. But the reality is quite different and you may be disappointed.

Given the shortage of these next-generation consoles, Sony’s plan is none other than to manufacture many more PlayStation 4 , this would be to try to alleviate the situation suffered by users due to the stock problem of their next-generation console.

And, it is that, those of Sony plan to fill the market with almost a million PlayStation 4 throughout this year. This plan may not be to the taste of all users, since many have been behind a PlayStation 5 for several months now so that consoles from another generation appear on the market.

Sony presents 'Ready for PlayStation 5' televisions, to take advantage of the PS5 console

Sony presents ‘Ready for PlayStation 5’ televisions, to take advantage of the PS5 console

If you’re going to buy the PS5 console, you need a 4K TV. Sony makes it easy for you with its new Sony Bravia series that bear the ‘Ready for PlayStation 5’ seal. 

What do they contribute?

Of course, those of Sony hide behind the fact that the PlayStation 4 are much easier and cheaper to manufacture; All this means that when they are launched on the market , ps5 price in Bangladesh, they have a much lower price and can be a more than interesting option for those users who are looking for a console.

At the moment the only thing that can be done is wait to see how Sony’s plan works out in the face of the shortage of next-generation consoles. Most likely, by the end of the year we will see many more PlayStation 4s on the market with different offers to make them more attractive.

We have spent the last twelve months reviewing devices, but also playing crazy with the new consoles. It seems incredible, in fact, that a year has passed since the launch of the new machines and, now, what we are going to do is an analysis of Xbox Series X in its first year of life to see how the console has evolved .

On November 10, 2020, players around the world with a reservation (and a few lucky ones without) received the brand new Xbox Series X in their homes, the most powerful console ever created and a true beast that promised ray-tracing, gaming to 4K and an overwhelming visual quality.

We analyzed it a little before the launch and, as we told you in our text, the machine surprised us in several aspects and, of course, the power accompanied that ‘next-gen’ experience, but without games that really took advantage of it. the hardware.

Things have been changing and, therefore, below we are going to review the first year of Xbox Series X in a kind of analysis in which I am going to tell my opinion of the machine after having used it for a year and, also , the evolution of it.


Eye! Our colleagues from HobbyConsolas have made a more focused analysis of the situation of the console and its evolution during these months and we recommend you take a look at it .

I’ve gotten used to that black block next to the TV, especially since I don’t even notice it

I’m going to start by talking about the design because it’s still an important aspect of consoles, even if they’re desktop. Unlike PS5, which we’ll talk about in a week, my Xbox Series X is fully visible .

It is the only point of the furniture in the living room where I can have it so that it dissipates well and gets fresh air and the truth is that, although the first few days it shocked me to have that black rectangle next to the television, over time I have gotten used to it.

Analysis Xbox Series S Computer today

The rear ports are occupied by external HDD drives for last generation games and the front one is sometimes used for the drive where I capture gameplay for analysis… or to load the controller.

And yes, I don’t usually notice it, but when I do, I wish it were something more discreet and not that black monolith, but in the end the important thing is how it works inside… and the truth is that in game sessions it doesn’t catch my attention.

And it doesn’t do it because, a year later and in a flat with two cats and a rabbit that shed hair for 8 months, the console makes the same noise as the first day: practically none .

Under stress it doesn’t blow like crazy and the disc player seems quite quiet to me when we watch a movie, so even if the design is not my favorite (Series S, for example, I think it’s a success in this regard) , the functional part is going wonderfully. 

We already discussed this in the analysis a year ago, but with the perspective of time I still maintain my opinion.

No drift and good grip, but a vibe I feel from the past:

I consider the controller as an important part of the design and here I have to say that, after the passage of time, I am somewhat disappointed with the Xbox Series X Controller .

It is a fantastic controller that drinks from the Xbox One (V2, which seemed fantastic to me) and in turn from the Xbox 360. 

This fits perfectly with the idea of ​​backward compatibility and removing barriers that Microsoft has, but the sensations with it are not of a new generation, as, for example, it is the case with the Dualsense.

It’s comfortable between hands, I appreciate the new grip and I like the capture button , I use it a lot, but I feel like I’m missing something in games like Forza Horizon 5 or Flight Simulator, titles that could make the most of a more vibration system advanced like that of the Joy-Con or, directly, haptic like that of the PS5 controller or that of high-end mobiles.


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