Samsung Galaxy A70 Review Is it worth it 2023?


The Galaxy A70 offers great performance in the lab for its price. If you’re looking for a well-equipped smartphone with a large OLED display, long battery life, and plenty of storage space, this is the right place for you. Only the camera is weak. Given this performance, the latest mobiles in Bangladesh, the choice of the older top model Galaxy S8 , which is popular with many buyers, is hardly worth it: it’s more elegant and waterproof, but inferior in terms of battery and storage.


  • Big bright AMOLED screen
  • Long duration battery
  • Fast charging (25W)
  • large expandable memory
  • SIM dual real


  • not waterproof
  • Bad low light photos
  • plastic container

Review Samsung Galaxy A70

One after another, Samsung expanded its mid-range in 2019: seven new models ended up in stores. The Galaxy A70 is priced between the slightly cheaper Galaxy A50 and the significantly more expensive Galaxy A80 , and has become much more affordable since launch.

Compared to the cheaper A-Class models, the A70 scores above all with a larger screen, more speed and a more powerful battery. So is it the contemporary alternative to 2017’s bestselling Galaxy S8?

The Galaxy A70 collects its first sympathy points as soon as it is turned on, thanks to its screen: at 6.7 inches, it is larger than the other A-Class models and corresponds to that of a Galaxy S8 Plus and S9 Plus . Thanks to the slim edges of the case and the teardrop-shaped front camera, it stretches almost across the entire front.

The display is also a treat for the eyes: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G Price in Bangladesh, record contrast, good brightness, and excellent colors that don’t look as flashy as with the Galaxy S8. The back is pleasantly rounded and shines in the colors of the rainbow. However, it magically attracts fingerprints and the plastic casing is easily scratched. The glass cases of the S-Class look more valuable. The size of the A70 is 164x77x8.3 millimeters.

Galaxy A70: more memory than the competition

Many smartphones up to 300 euros suffer from a slow work rate and low memory. When it comes to storage, the Galaxy A70 doesn’t mess it up: out of a nominal 128 gigabytes (GB), 108 GB is free out of the box, which can be expanded with a memory card even after using two SIM cards (dual SIM). Here, too, the Galaxy A70 is superior to the two-year-old S8 top model. Also the actual predecessor, the Galaxy A7, only comes with half the storage space..

Galaxy A70: three camera lenses, what for?

The Galaxy A70 has three camera lenses on the back. The main camera impresses with a whopping 32-megapixel resolution, but it only takes decent pictures in daylight. In low light, the camera disappoints like virtually all mid-range devices. However: the Galaxy S8 was hardly better here in 2017.

Only the current Galaxy S10 was able to make significant gains in the camera test, but it also costs about twice as much. And Samsung only offers “night” photography mode for long-term smart exposures since the Galaxy S10 (and on the S9 with the latest software update).

The A70’s second camera has an ultra-wide lens; Samsung has only been installing it since late 2018. It allows for a wider viewing angle, for example, for group photos, landscapes, and city panoramas. In addition, the ultra wide angle also gives ordinary subjects a more exciting look.

Quality is good during the day, but the 8-megapixel sensor doesn’t have as many reserves of detail. The third lens serves as an auxiliary lens and lets you play with background blur when taking close-ups (known as “bokeh effect” among photographers and “live focus” at Samsung). The A70 lacks a telephoto lens like Samsung has been offering since the Galaxy S8 with the larger Plus models.

25 watt load

The Galaxy A70 has a more powerful battery than any previous A- or S-Class model: effectively 4,000 milliampere hours (mAh) instead of around 3,000 mAh as in the Galaxy S8. In the mix of use, it achieved an extremely long run time of just under 15 hours. Another plus point: Samsung offers a fast-charging power supply unit, which is rated at 25 watts, much more than the Galaxy S10’s 15-watt power supply unit. And the inductive load? Less good: Samsung only offers this in the S-Class.

Samsung Galaxy A70: price and colors

The Samsung Galaxy A70 started with a price of 399 euros. The smartphone is now much cheaper, the A70 is available from 319 euros. Buyers choose between the colors blue, black, coral and white.


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