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Extending 5,250 kilometers from east to west, China is practically the size of Europe. Also, with scenes going from the sensational limestone developments of Guilin to the parched Gobi Desert – it sure seems like a few nations moved into one. This huge land is additionally home to many captivating urban areas and here we’ve restricted it down to the main 10 urban areas to visit in there are many places to visit in China. If you want to visit these places to explore then travel with Air China where you will get discounts and the best deals on flight booking their policy are also flexible so you can make changes in the future through the Air China Manage Booking section on the official website.


The political, financial, and social focal point of China, Beijing flaunts memorable attractions few different urban communities can coordinate. Its UNESCO-recorded attractions incorporate the amazing Prohibited City and, with seven world legacy destinations altogether, Beijing offers a similar number as the entire of Egypt.

While on a superficial level, Beijing might appear to be present day, with its taking off high rises and immense roads, under it has held pearls from its magnificent past. Old rear entryways are known as hútòng mismatch the city, offering enchanting tea houses and calm yards. This is one of the best places to visit in China.

Eating out is the vitally friendly movement here, with north of 60,000 cafés offering a staggering exhibit of food. Furthermore, remember, the glorious Extraordinary Wall is likewise only a short drive away.

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Arranged on the Yangtze Waterway estuary, Shanghai encapsulates China’s ascent to worldwide power status. Home to the second tallest pinnacle on the planet, this uber city is known for its gleaming horizon, best saw by walking around the waterfront region known as the Bund.

The city is likewise renowned for its shopping, with Nanjing Street being China’s head shopping road. Extending for more than 5 kilometers, this humming street draws a large number of customers from across the world looking for deals. This is one of the best places to visit in China.

There are a few old water towns nearby which are likewise certainly worth a visit. Zhujiajiao, specifically, is suggestive of Venice with its enchanting channels and all-around safeguarded spans.


Arranged near the huge sub-Siberian fields in the far north, Harbin is China’s ‘Ice City’. Every year the city has the Harbin Global Ice and Snow Celebration, which is the greatest winter celebration on the planet.

Held from the finish of December through February, the celebration is well known for the size and size of its ice models. Spread across a 600,000-square-meter region, these enormous manifestations are brilliantly illuminated, making a remarkable winter wonderland.

Beyond winter celebrations, guests can investigate Harbin’s notable Daoli region. The focal road known as Zhongyang Dajie offers an incredible scope of eateries, bistros, and shops.


With a set of experiences spreading over exactly 3,000 years, Xi’an filled in as China’s capital for 13 lines. Furthermore, following quite a while of decline, the city acquired worldwide notoriety after the disclosure of the Earthenware Heroes in 1974.

Yet, there’s something else to Xi’an other than its multitude of underground warriors. Drawcards incorporate the Large Wild Goose Pagoda, the Drum Pinnacle, and Ringer Pinnacle. The city is likewise encircled by a fourteenth-century wall, which is ideally suited for a relaxed walk or bicycle ride.

As they keep going point on the Silk Street, Xi’an offers a blend of societies and religions. This is especially obvious in the Muslim Quarter, which is home to a few mosques and a beautiful market.


Depicted as the ‘Venice of the Orient’, the 2,500-year-old city of Suzhou is set across an organization of streams that connect to the Fantastic Channel. Offering a blend of rich nurseries, old sanctuaries, and shocking castles, this city is positively a must-visit.

Dig into Suzhou’s Old Town and see what China resembled before mechanized transport. Go for a walk down the beautiful cobblestone roads or a sluggish gondola ride under the scaffolds curving over the channels. This is one of the best places to visit in China.

Assuming that you have additional time, make certain to walk the mosaic-tiled ways of the Waiting Nursery. Or on the other hand, maybe climb Tiger Slope to see the impressive Inclining Pagoda.

Hong Kong

Quite possibly the biggest monetary center point on the planet, Hong Kong has a cutting-edge appearance portrayed by its transcending steel and glass high rises. However, in established truth, this city brings a lot to the table for nature darlings.

More than 70% of Hong Kong is comprised of rambling parks and mountains, offering a variety of climbing open doors. Well-known courses incorporate the Winged serpent’s Back climbed or you can climb the Top for noteworthy vistas over the city.

Slicing through the focal point of Hong Kong is Victoria Harbor, where you can partake in a journey on a conventional boat. Lantau island is likewise worth a visit to respect the Monster Bronze Buddha.


Found simply a one-hour train ride from Shanghai, Hangzhou is perhaps China’s most famous escape. Its feature is the wonderful West Lake, which has turned into an image of the city.

The lake offers dazzling perspectives on green slopes, pagodas, and sanctuaries – and has been moving craftsmen and writers since the ninth hundred years. Lotus blossoms cover the lake in summer, making a sight that charms the two local people and guests the same.

Hangzhou is likewise home to the world’s longest trench, which extends north of 2,000 kilometers. An astonishing food scene and enthusiastic nightlife further add to this city’s appeal.


When the focal point of Chinese development, Luoyang was the old capital of 13 lines. Sadly, little should be visible today of this city’s superb past, in any case, it has one significant fascination that draws guests from all over.

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Luoyang is found exceptionally near the popular Longmen Grottoes, a site that addresses probably the biggest and most great assortments of Chinese craftsmanship. Involving in excess of 2,300 caverns and specialties cut into riverside precipices, the grottoes contain 110,000 Buddhist stone sculptures.

In the actual city, the best spot to see the leftover old design is the Old Town. Enter through Lijing Entryway and absorb the clamor of neighborhood life as you walk around the limited roads.


Found in the Sichuan region, Chengdu is China’s panda capital. Home to the Chengdu Exploration Base of Goliath Panda Reproducing, this city is one of the most amazing spots to see these notable creatures.

The examination base is devoted to the rearing and protection of goliath pandas, with a populace that has developed from only six in 1987 to north of 80 today. Also, close by noticing them, guests can realize about the species at the Goliath Panda Historical center.

While in Chengdu, make certain to look at the city’s tea house culture. The city is likewise well known for its Sichuan cooking, so don’t leave without attempting a chomp or two.


Flaunting a marvelous normal view, Lijiang is honored with snow-covered mountains and delightful lakes. With a lot of climbing courses and open-air exercises on offer, it’s a well-known spot for both experience sweethearts and explorers.

The undisputed feature of Lijiang is its UNESCO-recorded Old Town. Going back north of 800 years, this region is acclaimed for its antiquated design and streams.

Lijiang is additionally the principal area occupied by the Naxi public. Initially from Tibet, the Naxi have lived in Lijiang for north of 1,000 years and guests are probably going to see them wearing a conventional dress.

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