In this metropolitan city of Mumbai, around 20 million people are living. This particular place has not gained popularity because of the fine arts or the presence of great monuments. Rather because of its cultural diversity, the presence of vibrant bazaars and very friendly native people made this place unique. Mumbai is a place that is modern and has terminals that are air-conditioned as well. Many shops which come under the category of duty-free are also present here which offers a great time for people. If there is any advantage to any particular thing, there will also be certain disadvantages, right? The public transportation facility, which will be available from here, will be so dirty and sometimes it may appear chaotic as well. This is a city which almost gets piled up by heavy traffic as well. You will be having an advantage, that is, you will be able to access taxis quickly for your journey, especially along the city centers as well as to a beach which is called Chowpatti. Usually, sightseeing is only possible in Mumbai, but the cruise spot facilities which are present are not at all sufficient for the people.

For a package of Mumbai to goa cruise holidays, you will be arriving in Mumbai by airways on the very first day. You will be going sightseeing in and around Mumbai on the second day. You will be going towards the Mahalakshmi Temple, Marine Drive, and Gateway of India as well. Day 3 is solely dedicated to the travel from your staycation towards other parts of Mumbai which is in and around. You will be going to the Juhu beach, the Siddhivinayak Temple, etc. on this day. On the very fourth day, you will be going to the airport from the hotel where you are traveling and then you will be returning to your own home. This package will cost approximately Rs. 35000 per person. Sometimes you may get it by the offer as well, so do check those carefully.

The Mumbai cruises holiday package is the next one that is available for you all to check. On the very first day, you will be arriving in Mumbai by airways, and you will be taken by any vehicle to your staycation. Your meals will not be included in your stay, so you need to pay for that. On the second day, you will be going sightseeing in and around Mumbai in a car. It will take 4 hours to visit the Marine Drive, Mahalakshmi Temple, Gateway of India, etc. On the third day, you can travel to Siddhivinayak Temple and Juhu beach as well. The fourth day is solely dedicated to the end of your journey, that is, you will be returning to your own home as well. You can also check many other packages which will be good for you as well. 

You need to take the packages which make you comfortable financially as well as economically. You may choose the 1st day for your arrival in Mumbai and you can visit sightseeing on the very first day itself, that is, you can go and visit the Gateway of India on the first day itself. But on the second day, you can travel to Alibaugh from Mumbai and this Alibaugh beach will be so good to see. Complementary breakfast will be usually available with your inclusion. One welcome drink will also be provided during your arrival time which will be served at the reception. Day three is solely dedicated to sightseeing via car which may take approximately 2 hours of journey. You will be going towards the Swayambhu Ganpati Temple and Ganpati Pule beach. Day four is dedicated to your travel from Ganpati Pule to Lonavala and Khandala. You can visit there for sightseeing for 2 hours, that is, Tungarli Lake and Karla-Bhaja Caves. This will be your fourth-day program. On the fifth day, you will be returning to the airport in Mumbai, and you will be going back to your home. You can spend every night enjoying the cruise and be sure to take the tickets in a good manner because there will be so many people who will offer you tickets and there are chances and possibilities that you will get cheated. You may try to join these cruises since this journey will be so good. It is not advised for pregnant women because they may not like the smell of the sea. You will be getting your food items as per your wish. But do remember that, if you are taking the luxury cruise ticket, then only you will get the luxury meals. Otherwise, you should adjust to the other meals provided.


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