Learn To Draw Santa Claus Drawings For Kids


Drawings For Kids Santa Claus is a mythical character who is said to visit houses secretly on Christmas to leave gifts for the kids. Drawings For Kids is thought that he travels the world in his sleigh pulled by Christmas reindeer.

A Santa Claus drawing instruction is in great demand due to Santa Claus’s extraordinary popularity. Now that you asked for it, we gave it to you.

Simple Santa Claus Drawings For Kids

These instructions can be used to draw either an animated or realistic-looking Santa Claus. There are clear images for every stage that you may use as a visual aid while following the directions.

We are confident that you can follow these steps without a problem, regardless of your level of drawing proficiency. Additionally, you can improvise at every stage and add your style.

Use whatever combination of colors you like to personalize and differentiate your artwork. Allow your creativity to flow and let your imagination run wild. Enjoy yourself and express yourself creatively.

Step By Step Santa Claus Drawing


  • In the center of the top part of your paper, draw a perfect circle.
  • You shouldn’t worry if you can’t draw a flawless circle freehand. A compass is a drawing aid that you may always use to swiftly and efficiently remove a precise circle.
  • Draw a horizontal and vertical line across the paper to serve as reference lines so that the outline will be placed accurately in the center.
  • You should draw the circle on the vertical line that is directly above the horizontal line.


  • Sketch the ears of Santa Claus
  • On each side of the face’s outline, doodle a half-circle. Those are the ears of Santa Claus.
  • Make sure the ears are drawn at the same level and are identical. You may also use reference lines on the face to ensure the ears are positioned correctly.


  • Sketch the Unique Face Features
  • As in the illustration, draw a Christmas cap just over Santa Claus’ head.
  • Draw a mustache directly beneath the curving line for the nose in the center of the face.
  • Then, at the base of his face, draw long, wavy lines curved to give the beard a thick, fluffy appearance.


  • Next, draw the upper body or torso.
  • Santa Claus should have his upper body drawn behind his beard.
  • Make the body chubby since Santa Claus is naturally on the larger side.


  • Sketch the Jacket Hem
  • Drawing a rectangle outline that matches the edge of the clothes will help you create the hem of the jacket that Santa Claus is sporting.


  • For each leg, draw two diagonal lines angled toward one another. The legs must have an oval shape with a wide top and a narrow bottom.
  • The bottom of each leg should then be cuffed. Keep the legs proportionate and straight.


  • Sketch the Shoes and Belt.
  • Draw a thick belt over the torso’s midsection. After that, tuck the shoes under each leg’s sleeve.


  • Draw two upward diagonal lines with a cuff at the bottom on either side of the chest to represent Santa Claus’ arms. Draw the gloved hands down below the cuff after that.
  • Santa Claus’ arms are elevated upwards, as seen in the illustration. You can draw your arms in the same direction or move them on whatever you choose.


  • Add the facial features of Santa Claus.
  • It’s time to create the facial characteristics so that Santa Claus can have an expression on his face now that we have drawn his entire body.
  • His thick eyebrows’ outline should be drawn first. Draw two little oval shapes for the eyes immediately below the eyebrows. Cover the eyes, but leave a tiny dot unprotected. For a flushing effect, don’t forget to draw an oval shape in a sideways direction on each cheek.


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