Law Enforcement Excel Spreadsheets


Law enforcement excel spreadsheets can help you keep track of a variety of information. They are especially useful for cases involving criminal evidence. You can create a spreadsheet with all the relevant details of a crime and then add an evidence page that will show the evidence. These can then be saved and viewed.

Create a spreadsheet

If you want to create a law enforcement excel spreadsheet, you’ll need to follow basic principles. These are helpful in avoiding errors and reducing the amount of time spent updating your data.

Spreadsheets are generally structured in a grid of cells. Each cell can hold data or a formula. Formulas are used to compute a new value from existing values. A formula may include numbers, text, or dates.

Cells can be formatted separately from the content, though formatting will not change the content. In some cases, cells are conditionally formatted to allow different values to be displayed depending on their position. Using these features, you can determine the effects of calculated values on the appearance of your spreadsheet.

Formulas can be named to distinguish them from other cells. Using a name can make the structure of your spreadsheet easier to understand.

It is also a good idea to keep the fonts and styles consistent. The fonts you choose should be professional and not quirky. Also, keep the color of your tabs and file names consistent.

Add columns

Microsoft Excel is a powerhouse when it comes to data analysis. It’s industry leading spreadsheet software provides law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to make sense of their data. The software’s many features allow for easy comparison of data across jurisdictions and departments.

One of the best features of this data management tool is its ability to perform complex mathematical computations and perform queries on large volumes of data. The software is capable of generating reports on specific events, including arrests, traffic accidents, and crimes of a violent nature. Adding a few columns of data can be a painless process. In addition, it’s possible to create custom table fields that allow for quick and easy input of formulas or data by using a mouse.

The program also includes several web mapping apps and charts, such as a map of crimes committed in your jurisdiction. Using Excel, it’s possible to compile statistics on crime in your community and share this information with local police agencies.

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Add an evidence page

For law enforcement buffs, an evidence page is about as far away from a paper clip as the average joe is from his or her throne. While this may be a good thing for the average joe, it is a great boon for the department of evidence. The main purpose of an evidence page is to store all of the pertinent information in one location, where it isn’t squished on the desk or in a binder. It is also possible to use Excel spreadsheets for this purpose. Some of the most useful features include coding of non-numerical data numerically. Adding an evidence page to your Excel spreadsheet can be a painless endeavor.

Save the spreadsheet

If you have an Excel spreadsheet that you use for your law enforcement work, you may want to save it in a different format. Specifically, you can create a read-only version of your file or you can have it always open in read-only mode. This will allow you to share the file with other people. Other content restrictions can also be applied. For instance, you can have it saved under a certain name, or you can prevent anyone from renaming the file.

You can also move your file with the Tab key, or rename it with the right-click function. If you have the Excel software installed on your PC, you can use a shortcut that allows you to rename your spreadsheet. There are other ways you can save your Excel spreadsheet, however.

Some agencies have been using Excel spreadsheet versions of their UCR monthly forms to save and email reports to DCJS. This way, if you do not have a records management system, you can still be able to submit your UCR report on time. The FBI’s Supplemental Homicide Reports are also available in Excel spreadsheet form. They also accept these files as emailed attachments.


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