Insider Advice on Kitchen Remodels


The kitchen is the workspace of your house. Hence, this place needs to be functional, hygienic, and visually pleasant. So, you can think about remodeling your kitchen if you think your kitchen lacks these qualities.

If you want to hire a reliable contractor for your small kitchen remodeling San Leandro, then you should hire Carter Home Remodeling or visit our website to know more about us. So, let us understand how you can remodel your kitchen by following these basic tips.

Add more storage units

If you generate more storage space in your kitchen then it will give an organized look to your space. Moreover, you can store all your kitchen essentials in a better way so that you do not waste a lot of time finding them all around the kitchen.

You need to add a separate pantry unit to store your food items so that they won’t get messed up with other kitchen essentials. 

Add a Kitchen Island

You can build a kitchen island that will provide you with enough storage and give your space a fresh look. It will also give you additional seating space to you. Moreover, you can have extra cabinets and countertops if you build a kitchen island.

However, you need to take care of the design and the color of the Kitchen Island so that it complements the existing décor of your kitchen.

Open shelves are a great option

You can think about adding open shelves to generate extra storage for your daily kitchen essentials. You can easily trace these kitchen appliances easily if you build open shelves.

However, these shelves attract more dust as they are exposed to dirt particles. So, make sure you keep only daily usable things so that the dust does not accumulate on these items.

Discard the unused items

Often we end up storing those kitchen appliances that are no longer used in our kitchen. Some utensils and appliances lose their shine and aesthetic with frequent use. So, we do not feel good using them in our kitchen.

But we store these appliances and utensils in our kitchen, which takes up unnecessary space. As a result, we find it difficult to store our essential kitchen appliances properly.

So, you should the unused items from your kitchen, which will help generate more storage to make your kitchen more organized and clean.

Invest in some decorative lights

Lights add volume to the entire décor of your kitchen. You can go with ceiling-mounted lights that are very much in trend as they give an awesome look and do not take up any extra space in your kitchen.

Apart from this, you can also go with pendant lights or hanging lights to decorate your space.

Revamp the countertops and backsplash

If there is no accent wall in your kitchen, then you can make your backsplash your accent wall and decorate it with textured or decorative tiles. But remember, you need to choose the design based on the entire décor of your kitchen.

Similarly, you can upgrade the countertops to give a fresh look to your kitchen. You can go with glossy finish countertops to add that glamour quotient to your kitchen.

Add Greenery to the space

If you want to keep your kitchen clean from the air pollutants, then you can add some indoor plants to the kitchen. When you cook in the kitchen, harmful gases and fumes generate, which are not good for your health.

So, plants work as air purifiers and help keep the atmosphere clean and fresh by absorbing harmful substances from the air. Moreover, some indoor plants absorb excess moisture from the air and thus prevent germs to develop in your space.


Kitchen remodeling can become a tedious process if you choose an inexperienced kitchen remodeling contractor in your area. If you want to build your dream kitchen with expert advice, then you can contact us to avail of our services.


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