Impress Your Users With New Components & 101+ Services in Gojek Clone KingX 2023


The way individuals conduct business has been revolutionised by apps like Gojek. Developers now have a plethora of new business prospects thanks to this all-in-one super app, which enables them to make customised versions of well-known apps like Gojek.

Super apps have become very popular due to their practicality and usability. A number of companies are developing their own Customized Gojek Clone App in response to these changes in order to compete in any on-demand market.

We are aware of how challenging life can be. The result was the creation of this “on-demand” platform. Users can now:

  • Employ a Genie-style professional shopper or an errand runner.
  • Order taxis on-demand.
  • Get groceries and store goods delivered right to their door.
  • Hire experts on demand, such as beauticians, plumbers, and carpenters.
  • Send packages to nearby addresses

KingX 2023 is causing a sensation in the market for obvious reasons. Business owners are impressed with the app’s Uber-rich features and components.

New Gojek Clone App Components

Bid for New Services

Users can post task information on the Apps and get real-time bids from Service Providers thanks to this component. The customer can select the best BID based on the pricing, reviews, and ratings of the service provider. This feature allows customers to book services for the present or the future.

Online Video Consultation

This feature will enable your clients to book appointments with physicians, tutors, instructors, lawyers, astrologers, and other professionals in addition to yoga classes. Appointments, guidance, and payments are all handled through the app. Covid has taught us that we may have to do some of our jobs virtually rather than in person. 

Video Calling Option

Users have access to video calling as well as voice calling and message options within the apps. The app’s creators considered going above and above to improve “communication” for both users and riders.

Multiple Card Management

For consumers that utilise many credit cards to make purchases, this tool is crucial. Users of the app can upload card information and choose one of them as their “default” card. Additionally, the user can easily erase the card information at any time.

In other words, your consumers don’t need to use cash or enter card information last-minute every time they want to make a payment.

Taxi Booking using iWatch App

The Apple Smart Watch must be synced with an iPhone before the App User may use this cutting-edge feature, and both smart devices must maintain constant Internet connectivity. Now, the iPhone app user must download a riders’ app. At the same time, the SmartWatch will immediately download the Taxi Booking iWatch App.

The Rider can now use their iWatch to order taxi rides. They can even use their Apple Smartwatches to make online payments! The taxi driver’s name, face, car model, and licence plate information are all displayed on the iWatch Screen as soon as the ride is scheduled.

Other Significant New Features

You will learn Face Id and Fingerprint ID, Driver Reward Features, Back-to-Back Trips, Facebook Pixel Support, New UI/UX Sign-in and Sign-up Process are all included in the Gojek Clone App. Support for various payment methods by country, an image gallery with videos, Google Ads integration, control over multiple credit cards, Facebook Ads integration, and more.

In Conclusion

Profit from a pool of revenues worth billions of dollars by using the Gojek Clone KingX 2023 App!

Do you want to be the most successful entrepreneur on the Forbes Magazine cover in 2023? To schedule the live demo, you merely need to contact the mobile app development company. Given your confidence in the product’s quality and the NDA privacy policy, you can unwind. Given your knowledge of Source Code Gojek Android Studio, you may launch a prosperous enterprise of your own. 


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