How to write guest posts or guest articles for MosaLingua


Do you want  to write a  guest post , also called a guest article, on the MosaLingua website ?

Would you like to propose to us an interesting and original article about languages, travel or personal development?

But keep in mind that we only accept guest articles from other pages/blogs/editors that deal with the same topic as us on their own website. 

But, to do it and do it well, we would appreciate it if you read this Guide on Guest Posting .

We have written it for you and to make this collaboration as easy as possible. So feel free to read and reread it!

We will be happy to collaborate with you!

Why publish a guest article on MosaLingua?

MosaLingua is today one of the  most popular language learning blogs , with thousands of hits every day.

Publishing a guest article on our blog will allow you, mainly:

  • share your ideas with hundreds of thousands of people interested in languages,
  • raise your own page’s position in search engines (thanks to the links that we will talk about below),
  • attract visitor traffic to your page and social networks.

What kind of article can I write?

The content

  • Your article must provide real added value for our readers
    . Fun, professional, didactic… The tone doesn’t matter, the most important thing is that it deals with languages, travel or personal development. And bring a real plus!
  • Finding a good topic for the article is the BASE
    Before submitting one or more ideas to us, we would appreciate it if  you read our MosaLingua blog and check that no other article has been published on the subject. In addition, this way you can also have an overview of the type of topics we cover in our articles (language learning, tips, tricks, motivation). Of course, you can only start once we have accepted your theme.
  • We only accept original and well-spelled content.
    This means that you will not be able to use it as a  guest post for the MosaLingua page articles that you have already written or plan to publish on your own blog or others. Unfortunately, if we discover that an identical (or too similar) article has already been published on another website, we will be forced to remove it from the MosaLingua website. We will also be forced to not accept or delete the guest article if it contains many spelling errors. It is very important that the article to be published has the highest possible quality.

What format should the article have?

  • We leave great freedom of style to the writer! It is in your hands to write the guest article you want, but it is important that it be easy to read, with short sentences and, above all, well written  (without spelling mistakes, misprints or other errors due to lack of attention).
  • A  well-optimized guest post  for the MosaLingua page from an SEO point of view is a big plus for us.
    Of course, our team is there to help you with this.
  • We do not accept  guest posts  of less than 1500 words in English, and less than 1200 words  in other languages ​​(Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese). And we are talking about words that provide interesting content in all of them!
  • Of course, you can  add images  to your guest article to make it more enjoyable to read or to illustrate your ideas. You will find quality photos on the pages and We would appreciate it if you insert images that are  750 px wide , and weigh less than 100 Kb.
  • You can also include, if you wish, a short introduction by the author at the end of your guest article.
  • You can only include  two links to your page(s) . And one of them will need to be placed in the author’s submission (that is, at the end).
  • We would also appreciate it if you include  at least two links to other MosaLingua articles : to related topics or topics that can provide additional information to the reader.

You must know

Writing a  guest post  on the MosaLingua website means giving us the exclusive rights to your article. So we can use or modify the invited article as we wish, as well as use the full or partial text in other MosaLingua publications. You will not be able to ask us to remove it from our page once it has been published.

How to proceed – step by step

Do you have some ideas? Send us your proposals.

You can write to us on this form with the potential title(s) of your  guest post ,  a few lines telling us about the subject, the most important points to discuss , and a  brief presentation of the author:  who you are, what you do and why why you want to publish a guest article on the MosaLingua page.

If the idea is interesting, it is well treated, it is original – in the sense that we have not yet approached the subject or not from that specific point of view, and if we think that you are brimming with ideas: we will start! We’ll get back to you right away so you can get to work.

To get started, we’ll ask you to  compose your article in Google Docs . We will then take care of inserting your article on the MosaLingua page (with some corrections if necessary), and you will be able to take a last look at it before publication.

When will your  guest post be published  on the MosaLingua page?

When everything is ready, both from you and from us, and the article has been added to the MosaLingua WP, we will give you a publication date. And the day it’s published, we’ll pass the ball to you!

  • You will have to share your  guest post  (published on the MosaLingua page) on your social networks, or click on « share now » to share it on social networks.
  • Respond to all questions and comments left on your article.
  • Share and promote it as much as you want.

The question is to make the greatest possible echo of the invited article and give it visibility. Of course, if you have any questions about the  guest posts  on the MosaLingua website, you can  contact  us and we will answer you as soon as possible.


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