How to Make a WordPress Form with Payment Options on a business site?



Are you looking for an easy way to wordpress design and development services to create a paid WordPress form for a business site?


Oftentimes, small business owners need to create an easy way to accept payments on their website without creating a complex shopping web. wordpress design and development services Simple payment forms allow you to receive custom payment amounts, set up recurring payments, and collect custom data easily. In this blog, we will show you how you can easily create a form with the possibility of payment.

Why Create Paid WordPress Forms?

However, you also do not need to create a complete online store if you want to create a simple form with individual payment options. wordpress plugin development services While e-commerce plugins like Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce are essential, you may not need such a comprehensive product if you only deal with a lot of details or services, or if you need to receive non-standard amounts from each customer.


In some cases, creating a simple payment form gives better results than using a custom e-commerce plugin.

Operating WP Simple Pay

A good way to generate a simple WordPress payment form is to use WP Simple Pay. wordpress design and development services WP Simple Pay is an excellent Stripe payment plugin for WordPress that allows you to accept credit card payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more without having to install a custom eCommerce plugin.


This free plugin is perfect for non-profits, small businesses, collections, and anyone who wants to collect payments without having to invest in an advanced eCommerce plugin. since you have everything you need to start receiving online payments. wordpress service provider There is also a pro interpretation that allows you to receive payments using ACH direct disbenefit, set up a recreating payment plan, add theft now pay the final plan for WordPress, and more.


 You require first establish and download the Pay plugin of WP Simple. However, see our friend how to install WordPress plugins, If you need help. The plugin will automatically open the configuration wizard After activation. Go ahead and click the ‘Let’s Get Started’ button.


You require to connect to WP Simple Pay for your Streak account. Streak is a newbie-friendly payment processor for website owners. Simply click the ‘Connect with button on Stripe. custom wordpress website development services After that, you can sign in to your Stripe account or create a new one.

WP Simple Pay will now show you how to link your Stripe account to a WordPress business site. However, also enter your shipping address and follow the instructions on the screen to generate a free Stripe account, If you have not previously registered with Stripe. bespoke wordpress development Once you’re logged into your Stripe account, go ahead and click ‘generate Payment Form’. ‘


still, also do not worry, If you have clicked down from this screen by accident. You can reach the same screen by going to WP Simple Pay » Add New in your WordPress dashboard. wordpress web development services The free WP Simple Pay plugin has a variety of payment templates that can help you generate multiple forms of emoluments in a flash. 


Since we want to create a simple WordPress payment form, hang up the ‘Payment Button’ template and also click ‘generate Payment Button’ when it appears.


You can also use the ‘class’ field to add some words about the payment form. Again, the WordPress business site will not display this to your guests, but it can be helpful for your own authority or for anyone transferring your WordPress dashboard. Now, click on the payment tab.


With dereliction, WP Simple Pay will generate a payment form in test mode, which means you cannot accept payments from callers. custom wordpress development We recommend naming the ‘Round settings’ radio button, so you can test how the form works before you start accepting payments from callers.


still, if you want to start assuming real hires continue down, you can also choose the ‘Live Mode’ button instead. wordpress design and development services Next, you can decide how much you want to charge your callers by coding a number into the ‘One-Time Amount’ field.


With dereliction, your button will have a ‘Pay Now’ sign, but you can change this to anything you want by coding it into the ‘Button Text’ field. Since we are creating a voluntary payment form, you may want to use commodities like ‘shoot us a tip’ or ‘buy me a coffee’. ‘ can also replace the ‘Button Processing Text,’ which WP Simple Pay will show shoppers when they process a payment.


Again, since this is a voluntary payment form, you may use a commodity that reflects this, similar to ‘We recycle your donation. ‘ By dereliction, WP Simple Pay will use the same button style as your WordPress theme. It also has a ‘Blue Stripe’ style that you can use. However, also select the ‘Blue Stripe’ radio button in the ‘Payment Button’ section, If you want to use this button that’s fine.


After that, select the Stripe Checkout tab and complete the information that WP Simple Pay will collect from the caller at checkout. wordpress website development services When you are working on the payment form, you can practice how it looks at any site just by clicking on the ‘Preview’ button.


This opens the payment form in a new tab, in the same way, that you do post and page exercises in the standard WordPress editor. If you like the way the payment form looks, go ahead and activate it by clicking the ‘Publish’ button. You can now add a payment form to any page, post, or area that is ready to use the values in the ‘Form Shortcode. 


We hope you like this blog. wordpress design and development services These are all about how to make a wordpress form with payment options on a business site. If you are looking for a Responsive Web Development Company and want to create a form with payment options for your sites then contact 8therate.


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