How To Get Amazon Reviews For Books That Really Matter And Sell Books Like Crazy


What’s The Point Of Writing Great Books If No One Knows About Them?

This is why there are book reviews, as they help sell books. They are important. They significantly impact purchasing behavior and give essential social proof even to non-buyers.

How often have you bought a book without first reading the reviews? I can’t speak for you, but before I buy a book, I always read at least a few reviews.

So what can you do to get more reviews that help to sell books? Don’t worry; we are here to rescue you. Here are ways to get amazon reviews for books that really matter and sell books like crazy:


Ask For Reviews In Your Book


Asking for book reviews is the easiest way to get them. Where else would be better than in the book?

Most of the time, it’s best to ask for a review in a short, direct way at the end of the book since good reviewers usually read the whole thing.

Few people know how important book reviews are to sell books. There are a lot of people who liked your book and would be happy to write about it if you asked them.

There are ways to ask that aren’t right, and you should stay away from them.

First of all, don’t say, “Please leave a review if you really liked my book.” I know that Writer always says this, but it’s condescending. It’s like telling people that their opinion doesn’t matter unless it’s positive.

When people write reviews, they want to say how they feel. “I loved the book” might not be a good way to describe how you feel. You want good reviews, but you also need to leave room for people who liked the book but don’t want to say it’s the best thing they’ve ever read.

It’s better to say, “I’d love to hear your honest opinion,” when asking for reviews.

Make A Plan For An Advance Review Copy (ARC) And A Launch Review Team

A book launch review team is a group of people who have agreed to read your book before it comes out and write a review as soon as it is available. Your close friends and relatives are NOT in this group. Building relationships over time is the key to putting together a launch review team. Start putting together your team as soon as your manuscript is almost done and you know when it will be published. 

When you are ready, ask people if they would like to be on your review team. book publishers near me can help you in creating a launch review team.

A good plan for a book launch review is to start early and talk to your team members in a clear way. Give them an advanced reader copy (ARC) of your book for free, and give them plenty of time to read it. Give them clear instructions on how and when to leave a review. Your goal is to have at least 10–20 reviews on Amazon soon after your site goes live.

Send Out An Author Newsletter To Keep In Touch With Your Fans

If you haven’t started building an email marketing list yet, you should do so right away. Email marketing can be even more effective than social media networks, and weekly, monthly, or quarterly newsletters can help an author build lasting relationships with his or her audience and helps to sell books. Tell your followers that you’re writing a new book and that they can get an early copy to read and review. Your launch review team can include these readers.

Your author newsletter is also a great way to subtly ask people who bought your book to leave a review. Like the note in the back of your book, you can use your newsletter to talk about how you came to write your story or what inspired it. If you give your readers a chance to get to know you, they are more expected to take the time to leave a review.

Use Social Media

Even though social media is a good place to find potential reviewers for your work, you should be careful about how you use it. If Amazon’s algorithm thinks you’re close with many people on social media, their reviews of your book could be taken down. Even so, you can still find people who might be interested in your book by using Facebook reading groups, visual platforms like Pinterest, and even Tik Tok if your audience is young.

Reach Out To Top Reviewers

Amazon has a list of the top best reviewers who are passionate and knowledgeable about a certain subject. If you see that someone always reviews books in your field, they might be the best person to reach out to.

Be careful not to contact too many top reviewers, especially if you sell books that aren’t in their area of interest. Spam is annoying, so only contact people when you have a good reason.

You need to recognize who you’re writing for, so check out urban book publishing Agency in USA bloggers who might know something about your field or podcasters who might be interested in the topic of your book.

Don’t Ignore Bad Reviews

There’s a good chance that you’ll get a bad review at some point. This is just the way things are.

Before you get upset, keep in mind that bad reviews aren’t always a bad thing. Most of the time, people don’t trust books that have only 5-star reviews. People will believe your other reviews more if they see that some of them are bad.

There are a lot of ways to handle bad reviews:

  • Ignore it. There is no good reason to talk to toxic people.
  • You should answer, but be careful. Responding can be both good and bad. Answer the question in a way that doesn’t make you seem defensive.
  • Say that a bad review hurts, and then move on.
  • Don’t lose sight of the big picture. Don’t pay more attention to bad reviews than good ones.
  • Think about whether bad comments can teach you anything.
  • If the review doesn’t follow Amazon’s rules, try to get them to take it down. They likely won’t take it down unless the person has been dishonest or rude.


If you’ve worked hard to write a good book, it’s important to take the time out to find what people really think of it. Every review helps your rankings, shows how trustable you are, or attracts new readers. And good reviews also help to sell books.


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