How to Find The Best No Win No Fee Solicitors For Your Case?


We believe that if we win your case, we have earned our fee at Invicta Legal. The culpable party’s insurers will also contribute to the legal fees.

However, if we lose your case, we do not feel we have the right to seek recovery for our expenses from you. We will also pay for any medical bills, court fees, barrister’s fees, or any associated expenses incurred while pursuing your personal injury claim. 

Invicta Legal

We are a major law practice with a highly skilled team that specializes in a variety of areas. This implies that even when a case gets technically difficult, we will be able to maximize your chances of winning as well as the amount of compensation you receive.

The ‘no-win, no fee service differs greatly amongst law firms. The fact that we think that access to justice and fair recompense should not be restricted by upfront fees or exorbitant charges distinguishes our no win, no fee solicitors from the competition.

We can cover accident at work, medical negligence, road traffic violations, and public liability.

How does it work?

Your no-win, no-fee lawyer will evaluate the chances of your case after studying your information and choices. All funding possibilities will be reviewed, and it will be determined whether a ‘no win, no fee‘ arrangement is suitable for you.

You must submit precise and complete information regarding your claim during your initial appointment. This might include records, papers, and proof that supports the allegation you’re making.

Is there anything you have to pay upfront for my ‘no win no fee solicitors, no cost’ injury claim?

Some solicitors may charge you up in advance for the cost of a medical report, court costs, and other charges that are required to move your case forward. We are always clear and upfront about our fees, so you know what to anticipate and there are no unpleasant surprises.

We may also propose that we obtain insurance coverage for certain charges at no cost to you.

How much do ‘no-win, no-fee solicitors charge?

If you accept your solicitor’s offer of a ‘no win, no fee‘ arrangement, you will have no financial risk if you do not win your case.

Following the conclusion of your case, you will only be compelled to contribute to your solicitor’s expenses if the case is determined in your favor. These fees are normally a proportion of the compensation you get, and they will be agreed upon before your case begins.

Do all lawyers provide ‘no win, no fee agreements?

For many years ‘no win, no fee agreements, sometimes known as conditional fee arrangements, have been used to fund a claim. Many solicitors will provide it, albeit the percentage they charge on successful cases and the techniques they use will vary.

Some may reject your specific instance, while others may accept it. While some solicitors may charge to determine whether or not they would accept your case, any initial session to review your claim is always free at Invicta Legal.

How much time do you have to file a No Win No Fee claim?

Courts impose time restrictions on claims under the Limitation Act of 1980. This is to guarantee that our No Win No Fee solicitors can continue to gather evidence and prepare a case in a reliable manner as they handle the progress of your claim.

Generally, you have 6 years from the date of the negligence to file a claim, although this depends on the sort of claim you are filing. If the consequences of the carelessness become evident years later, you may have three years from the date of discovery. Because it might be difficult to determine when the time restriction for filing a claim has passed, you should still contact us even if you believe the time limit has passed.

If you believe you have a claim, you should file it as quickly as possible. The earlier you contact us, the better. By filing a claim as soon as possible, we will be able to get the necessary evidence more quickly, increasing the likelihood that we will be able to settle your claim as well.

Who will pay your compensation?

Many experts will have professional indemnity insurance in place for situations like these, allowing them to pay compensation for carelessness. We will discuss this with you early in the course of your claim.

That is, the compensation you will get with us as your No Win No solicitors will be paid straight to you by the professional’s insurance carrier.

What are the advantages of filing a no-win, no-fee claim?

The key advantage of filing a no win no fee claim is that you may go to court without incurring any financial risks. Including

  • It is available to anybody who has been injured as a result of someone else’s carelessness and wishes to pursue legal action.
  • You may be guaranteed of receiving an honest assessment of your chances of victory, as there is no benefit for no win no fee attorneys to engage on a case that is unlikely to succeed.

Why should you use Invicta Legal as your No Win No Fee solicitor?

If we accept your No Win No Fee claim, you will talk with one of our highly experienced No Win No Fee Solicitors from the beginning. so that you may be assured of great representation from the start.

It is simple to make a claim. If you prefer, you may call us. We will next discuss and evaluate the specifics of your issue and let you know how we can assist you. It is critical not to put off obtaining assistance since there is sometimes a time restriction for filing claims.

When you contact us, we will instantly evaluate your case and get things started if we feel you have a solid case for compensation. All initial inquiries about professional negligence attorneys and No Win No Fee cases are, of course, free and without obligation.


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