How to draw the Steven Universe


How to draw the Steven universe. Steven Universe is one of the most popular cartoons that have been able to get out for years. Football people started the course and the character of moments in this inventive cartoon. The title of the character show is luck and a heart, which represents itself. If you are a show fan, you can enjoy learning how to draw Steven Universe to imagine your adventures! If you want to learn how you have the right guide.

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This step-by-step guide, how to draw the Steven universe in just 6 simple steps, shows you what you need to know about drawing this beloved figure. If you want to draw more drawings like cartoon drawing, butterfly drawing, easy Spiderman drawing and many more characters than you are at the right place.

Drawing Steven Universe

Step 1:

In this first step in our leader, how to draw Steven Universe when you start your head. Steven is generally from many rounded lines and, in a certain case, with her hair head. First, we will be a rounded shape in front of the front and a larger one for the chin below. Then you can use some important, bumpy lines on your head. Then you can use the two small, flat, round figures in the eyebrows. Then this step is completed by a shirt sleeve under the head, which later adds its rose. What is the first step to end, and now you are ready to continue?

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Step 2:

Now because they have a head shape for Steven Universe to complete the entire body now, you can use a straight line with a short shell and stretch your arm out of it. Some simple cornering lines make fingers, and you can use a round stomach line. When the first arm was completed this second?

Step 3:

We will go into the face area of our guide to how to draw the Steven universe. Eyes are drawn with two oval shapes with large black pupils inside. Then the nose is created with a small line and two points. After all, his smile, mouth, and drawing are rounded shapes with a line in his teeth. And face to end, and we are more to pull the body. First, it can pull another arm that stretches outwards, and the arm is only made for them. Finally, a large star absorbs the top of the jeans.

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Step 4:

It is the next part of your Steven universe drawing. We will pull your legs before adding the last details in the next step. Leg left pulled some curve lines to show that in the air. Then the leg to the right is directed with a few lines, which are only linked to a light. Then you are ready to move to class 5?

Step 5:

In this part of our leader, in which the Draw Steven universe will be at its feet, we will add additional details or elements you want first because his feet do not wear shoes that wear the TV show. With the fingers, two curved lines of shoes on the belts will stand on the straps. Then it will be the basis of his feet. What should the Steven Universe draw end, but you won’t move yet?

Before you start coloring your picture, you can change details and elements beforehand. Some ideas of what could be able to pose each other, or some objects and accessories for the fact that they are deep. You could also draw a cold background, which would be a great way to reproduce your favorite scene or a film on the show. What will you end with your details?

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Step 6:

What is the last step of Steven Universe expansion, and is that fun? The show Steven has a fairly pronounced color scheme. The shirt is pink with a yellow star in her and no longer contains shades of blue on his pants. The hair is solid, as shown in an example. We used these colors in the example of the image you should refer to if you want to make your colors loyal to the show.

Could you also change the colors to create your variation? If you cannot draw anyone outside the details, you can inject the pull more color. Then you can experiment with your favorite media art and tools to end them. What colors and media do you use to close this guide?

Take your Steven Universe drawing to the next level.

Do this fantastic Steven Universe volume better than these tips! This drawing of the Steven universe was created, which showed him in a cool pose. Change the pose a little to make it more unique! It can be easy to draw a new facial expression or go to a more action-oriented pose. Changes them to capture their preferences, and they cannot help but do so much more than one! Steven Universe has some amazing strengths and uses in the show in the adventures. Have these great things expanded the drawing well?

These forces cannot only look over the cold but also a large color in a variety of images. You can start strength or have it on the show if you add strength. Suppose you could be like that as if you were unique or unique forces you can think. How would it be important to attract more personalized? In the show, Steven is accompanied by many other memorable characters. His fantastic add to Steven’s universe to do more? Garnet, Margarita, Amethyst, and Steven Pater Greg were all characters that expanded to the scene. 

Of course, this is a small lesson of the properties. Which of your favorite features of Steven Universe do you want to go to the drawing? After all, they could end their Steven Universe volume with the background. In the show, the backgrounds are simple yet nice, so it can be easier to represent. If you add a background, you have some options that it could use. The simplest approach is to use backgrounds from the show’s inspiration. It means that you can also replicate your favorite landscape from the show. Or are you planning your unique background for Steven and their friends on all adventures?

The Steven Universe Drawing is complete!

With the final details, colors, and additions that ended the way, this step-by-step leader completed when drawing the Steven universe! We hope you have a lot of fun working with us on this guide to reproducing this great talent. Now you can show us what you can do with adding your details in the picture. We have given a few ideas you used to do in the guide, and we will be very interested in what else you can think about.

We have more incredible instructions for you on our website that you can enjoy! We often see ourselves visits to catch new leaders, which we repeatedly upload. As soon as your great drawing by Steven Universe has finished, please share it on Facebook and Pinterest sites to enjoy it!

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