How to create a free Instagram media kit


How about creating a media kit for Instagram and showing your full potential as a content creator or digital influencer? ? The media kit is a very important document to professionalize your work on the internet and will help you prepare for the opportunities that arise.Seo Services In pakistan

Brands coming to your profile to arrange partnerships or you personally prospecting these customers, the media kit for Instagram is a good business card to present to them. Check out some tips to create yours for free and sell your work!

What is an Instagram media kit?

Before knowing what an Instagram media kit is, you need to understand what a media kit is. Widely used in the advertising market (newspapers, magazines, TV, etc.), the media kit is a document that specifies for advertising brands the formats, possibilities of use and price of each advertising space in a communication channel.

The media kit for Instagram is adapted to the platform’s features (feed posts, Reels , Story , Live ) and the profile’s editorial personality. The document gathers account reach and engagement data to demonstrate how the content creator or influencer makes it a “media vehicle” of trust for its audience.

How important is it to have an influencer media kit?

Having an Instagram media kit or “influencer media kit”, as some people call it, is an opportunity to document the best results with the contents of the profile, demonstrate how well they are received by followers, the subjects that most engage and provoke positive interaction.

An Instagram media kit is a way to document your content portfolio , showcase the advertising formats you accept, and sell your work by describing:

  • who are you (personal characteristics and values);
  • what your work is and how it is done;
  • what are the best Instagram metrics for your profile;
  • brands you collaborated with and the result achieved;
  • minimum price charged per type of content, if you prefer to limit it right away;
  • examples of publications with your experience with a product/service or subject, without mentioning brands, and which generated a lot of interaction — “ imagine your brand sponsoring this report ”, you could add.

Knowing all the ways to monetize with Instagram also helps you define the service you want to offer. Link up in the video below!

How to assemble a media kit for your Instagram?

Now it’s time to put together everything we talked about above in an organized, well-written and aesthetically pleasing way to get the attention of potential customers. Follow the 6 steps below!

Gather your best results

Publications that performed well , had a lot of comments, shares and saves are the main materials to insert in the Instagram media kit. Also, include the demographics of the audience and the number of accounts reached, that is, the people who visit and follow the profile.

Prepare a good storytelling

Storytelling is the narration of stories using techniques and elements that transmit a message in an engaging way to the reader.

The text in your Instagram media kit can:

report your growth journey with the profile;
transmit positive sensations and emotions;
show how you can take the contracting brand from point A (without your work) to point B (with the help of your work);
your strengths that attract a community confident in your voice ( and give prints to illustrate! ).

Use the power of copywriting

Storytelling in the digital market is well used in conjunction with the persuasive writing technique made to sell called copywriting. It is a piece of writing aimed at convincing and directing the reader to take some action to contact the sender. After studying copywriting, you can apply it to your Instagram media kit like this:

using attractive words related to the context of your ideal client;
writing simple, short and impactful sentences;
developing better arguments to prove and convince the prospect that your work will solve a problem in his business;
choosing which mental triggers you can use to encourage the reader to take the action you want.
Choose the tool to create the media kit With the text, profile data, prints and links organized, it’s time to choose which tool to create the commercial presentation of your work. The favorite tool of many professionals, including social media , is Canva . Just search for “press kit templates” or “media kit” and several pre-made templates will be presented.

Press kit and media kit templates on Canva

If you want something simpler because you are not used to graphic editing tools, use Google Presentations/Slides . Do you want to simulate a website even without having one? Use Google Sites and take advantage of page templates and “drag and assemble as you like” features.

The three suggested tools have a free use option and the possibility of generating a link to easily share on your profiles on social networks, email and even WhatsApp.

Make your media kit available in a link

Speaking of sharing the media kit via a link, we emphasize that this is the best method to freely disseminate your material, available 24 hours a day. That way, people don’t necessarily need to contact you via email or instant messaging app to receive a PDF or image of the media kit.

To improve, insert the media kit link along with other important links for your brand in a link aggregator . As a free and efficient option for Instagram bio and any digital channels, we recommend Linklist . Worth knowing.

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Create posts to promote the media kit

Include the promotion of your media kit in your Instagram profile content planning . After all, the link was created to be spread. Take advantage of the tips we gave you on storytelling and copywriting, publish about your work and indicate that you know your media kit in the bio link. If it’s a feed post, pin it to the top of it ; if it’s a story, put it in profile highlights .

Creating a media kit for Instagram is essential for content creators and digital influencers who want to monetize their profile on the network. With good results to present to potential clients. Free Guest Post Site


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