How to Check if an Array is Empty in JavaScript


There are various methods to check whether an array in JS is empty or not. Before that, we will see what an array is then move forward to the methods with which you can check if the array is empty or not. Hire JS developers directly from vteams, forget the worries of finding the right fit.

In programming, an array is a data structure type. It is a collection of elements that are contained and are of the same type. Each element is indexed or has a key to identify one from the other in the collection. Array is sorted in a manner that from one element you can traverse and find others. Also they can be computed from their index tuple. There are many benefits of arrays especially in JS, one of the main ones is that you can declare and manipulate many elements at a time without having to separately define their type. Check javascript programmers for hire at vteams and save yourself time to find the perfect fit.

Why you want to check if array is empty

There can be many reasons to check whether the array is empty or not. First, if the array is empty you can stop the program there instead of executing the code and later finding that you are working with an empty array. There are many other functions where knowledge of array life matters a lot. Jire javascript programmers who are masters at it. Check out the developers at vteams.

How to check if an array is empty in JS

Like mentioned, there are few different ways to check if an array is empty in Javascript. So, in this article we have compiled a list of ways you can check if the array is empty or not. 

Check the length

The most easy way and the most used way by developers is to check the length of the array. If you are new to Javascript then you might have not heard about this property. The “.length” property in JS tells you the length or array. Meaning, if the length is 0 then there are no elements. Or, the other way is if it returns true or false. 

For instance, the code 

arrayOne.length ? true : false

It would return false if the length is 0 and true if it is not. On the other hand it will also tell you if the array is defined or not. Meaning, if it has garbage value or actually null. In that condition, it will return null instead.

However, make sure you write the name of the array correctly, exactly the way it is because javascript is case sensitive language. If the name is not correct it will give an error. 

&& with length operator 

To avoid the error that we previously had with you can use && operator with the length operator. The code will look something like this

arrayOne && arrayOne.length ? true : false

However, this method is not recommended and not very efficient. There are better ways to check the length and check if the array is empty or not.

Optional chaining

Instead of the && operator with the length operator there is a simpler way to check the array. With the “?” operator. The code looks like this:

arrayOne?.length ? true : false

If what is on the left side of the operator is true we get its value. But if that is not true we get what is on the right side of operator
When checking if an array is empty or not there are many other ways in JS. However, we have mentioned the ones we think are easy, fast, and simple to use. When looking for javascript developers for hire you should visit vteams.

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