How can I make my Bathroom More Luxurious?


The bathroom is the most unhygienic place in our home as it is used frequently. Hence, you need to keep this place fresh, clean, and airy by maintaining a good airflow into the space. Often, we neglect and forget to upgrade the look of our bathroom.

So, we recommend you hire a reliable contractor in your location to remodel a luxurious bathroom in your home.

If you are looking for the trusted remodeling contractor San Diego, then you should visit our website to know more about our services. Now, let us understand how you can make your bathroom more luxurious with these important tips.

Expand your bathroom to add more square-footage

Bathroom expansion is the higher-level bathroom renovation that adds extra square footage to your space. You can increase the overall size of your bathroom or transform your half bath space into a full bath.

If you expand your bathroom then it can increase the value of your property by adding a glamour quotient to your home.

You can get this pace from within the house or you can extend the walls by breaking the exterior walls and expanding the space outwards. You can adopt one of these ideas to make a bathroom expansion.

Upgrade the cabinets and bathroom items

You can upgrade the toilet, the sink, and the bathtub timely so that it does not destroy the beauty of your space. Most of the time we neglect these areas and hence the space looks unpleasant and untidy.

To retain the freshness of your bathroom, you need to add new bathroom items. You can also add a mirror over your sink, which will add volume to the décor.  

Often, the cabinets of our bathroom decay due to excess moisture content in the bathroom. As a result, your bathroom looks outdated and aesthetically unpleasant.

So, you can upgrade your storage cabinets with new glossy material to add that glamour quotient to your bathroom. Remember the material you use should be moisture-resistant so that it does not get damaged over time.

Add lights and mirrors

Lights can be a great option to accessorize a place. If you want to enhance the look of your bathroom then you need to add hanging lights or pendant lights to the space to add that beauty to the space. You can also go with ceiling-mounted lights, which will make the space look brighter. Lights not only add aesthetics to the space but also make the space look brighter and bigger.

A decorative mirror also accentuates the look of your bathroom. It also makes the space look brighter and bigger. If you are a creative person then you can add vintage mirrors to accessorize the place.

Plumbing and electrical fixtures

If you want to bump out your bathroom to expand the walls of your bathroom then you will need plumbing and electrical fixtures for the extra space that you have created. Hence, you have to remove the old fixtures if they have worn out and replace the old ones with new fixtures.

Flooring installation

The most important part of the bathroom is its flooring. The best options for bathroom flooring can be porcelain or ceramic tiles. However, you can also go with engineered wood or natural stone to install your flooring.

As soon as you decide on your flooring you can think about installing your window. Remember, you need to place your bathroom window in such a place that it facilitates a good amount of sunlight and airflow into your space.


You can upgrade the fixtures and replace them with new ones to give your space a luxurious look. You should decide the materials thoughtfully so that it can give your space a beautiful look and also functional at the same time.

If you end up finding an inexperienced contractor then the whole process is going to be a disaster. So, you can give your bathroom a good makeover by hiring our professionals.


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