Guide to Choosing the Best International School In Singapore For Your Child


International schools provide a multicultural environment to the students, making them more aware of the outside world. Moreover, these schools have multiple branches worldwide, and they keep conducting various exchange programs to give better exposure to children. 

Obviously, every parent would look for the best international school in Singapore during the admission time instead of providing quality education to their children. As you begin looking for the best option during international school admission in Singapore, you will get many choices. So, you should research and filter your options to find the best school for your child. Wondering what factors you should keep in mind while choosing the school? Let us discuss this in detail. 

Tips for choosing the best international school in Singapore

Seek Suggestions and Recommendations

The simplest way is to talk to the parents in your network and ask them to give some recommendations. Especially if you ask parents who already have school-going kids, they can give you better suggestions based on their personal experiences. It is significant to know that you can seek school suggestions, but the research should be your own to choose a school that would cater to your child’s needs.

Sort your Requirements

Spend enough time learning about the child’s requirements and understanding their grasping power. Then, based on this information, you can create a list of things you should look for in a school. It will ease the entire research process for you as you will have clarity about what you want, and that automatically strikes out the unnecessary options.

Check Every Little Detail

It is vital to check every little detail of the schools on your preferred list. Check their academic records, the performance of their children in extracurricular activities, and the market reputation thoroughly. Please pay attention to the simple things like poor feedback from a parent, as it might signify that you should not choose that school and keep looking for another.

Visit the School

After you select two to three options for an international school in Singapore, plan your visits to the schools. Visit preferably on a working day to learn about the work process of the school and the kind of environment they offer to their students. Additionally, check the infrastructural facilities and amenities provided by the school, and you will know where your child would feel comfortable.

Verify the Fee Structure

Lastly, you should check the school’s fee structure where you plan to enrol your child. Though funds are not the priority over educational quality, you do have to ensure the learning standards are worth the money you are paying. So, by comparing the fee structure of different schools and keeping the educational quality in mind, decision-making becomes convenient. 

Wrapping up

Use these tips to narrow the list of schools you can choose for your child. The pro tip would be to start early and choose the school well before the final admission process. This way, you will have enough time to research, and there will be no impulsive decisions that would prove futile for your child. So, stay vigilant, do thorough research, and make calculated decisions to give fruitful direction to your child’s educational journey. 


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