Gojek Clone – How to Drive Mobile App Engagement?


When a customer downloads a mobile app, they expect it to solve their problems without having to hammer away. No matter what they are using, a mobile app, a website, or an iWatch app, it won’t take them a single minute to uninstall the app if it doesn’t meet their expectations. So, what to do? Well, at this point, you need to think about driving mobile app engagement. Worried about how to get started? It’s simple, get a Gojek Clone app!

What Do You Mean by Mobile App Engagement?

The term mobile app engagement is more like a measurement of how much time users spend on your app, how many services have they booked, daily installations, etc.

Using these metrics, you can easily develop a smarter business plan and make better marketing decisions.

You will get to leverage these metrics and work for your business’s growth! And soon, you will see your business succeed. Also, you will be able to improve the customer retention rate and build long-term relationships with them.

So, let’s discuss some proven strategies to boost your Gojek Clone app engagement.

Verified Strategies to Boost Mobile App Engagement

Once you start looking at these strategies closely, you will start noticing the negative patterns if any. Thus, you can then use them to improve your business.

Take a look at these strategies –

1. Simple Onboarding Process

First impressions matter a lot. So much that even if your entire product provides incredible value and on-the-go services to customers, they will quickly bounce!

Therefore, it is important for you to smooth out and simplify your onboarding process. For that, you can do the following things –

  • Make the interface more user-friendly.
  • Give personalization options
  • Show your value almost immediately!  

And the most important part? Shorten the registration process. With the Gojek Clone app, your customers can sign-up the application with their phone number and OTP verification.

Once the customers come to know that your application has a simple, 2-minute sign-up process that will unlock their doors to booking 101+ on demand multi services, they’ll come running!

2. Segmenting your Audience

If you think that every customer is the same, then dear entrepreneur, you are making a big mistake! In reality, they can be far more different.

Thus, it is important for you to segment your audience as it will help you create personalized campaigns. Running these campaigns on your multi-service platform, you can easily get more interactions, increase your sales, and ultimately, earn more profits.

3. Leverage the In-app Push Notifications

The Gojek Clone app pre-integrates in-app push notification features. As the app admin, you can use this feature to push graphically decorated and personalized push notifications that will become a great conversion tool for you.

Moreover, you can use the metrics that we discussed above to note the right time to send these push notifications across. If implemented wisely, it can become a great sales tool.

4. Loyalty Programs Make a Big Difference

Businesses often get lost in putting more effort into acquiring new customers and retargeting the lost ones so that they forget about the existing ones.

You need to keep your existing audience happy so that they do not lose their loyalty to your brand. The question is how?

Membership subscription plans, refer & earn reward systems, and other incentives are a great way to keep your customers interested in your Gojek Clone app.

In Conclusion:

Customers always look for mobile apps that give them a seamless experience and a personalized feel.

Thus, it is important that you use the above-discussed strategies to develop an application that increases your engagement and retains users.

For the best advice and a valuable platform that can make mobile app engagement plain sailing for you, get the Gojek Clone app.

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