Get Your Multi-Services Gojek Clone App with 101+ On-demand Services


Are you aware that by not developing a multi-service gojek clone app, you are losing out on endless opportunities? I assume you’ve thought about building a local multi-service app, but you might not have found the best tools to assist you. That’s good news, then! You may develop a local multi-service app similar to Gojek and gain the advantages of launching your on-demand company more quickly.

There is no doubting that it is a multimillion dollar market that is expanding and that there are many options to gain the awareness you want for your company. By releasing Super Gojek Clone App in 2023, you are addressing a number of issues that your clients are facing right now.

Gojek Clone App

Key Considerations To Make Sure Before Developing An App like Gojek Clone

  • Your All in One App should be intended to resolve your customers day to day hassles
  • Make sure that you add the services that are higher in demand
  • Offering multiple languages and currencies of the native location can be a huge plus in attracting desired crowd
  • The solution to every problem is adequate research. You must therefore decide where you may provide your services based on where you are physically located. By examining the insights regarding human preferences and engagement areas, you may also gain a competitive advantage.
  • Offering multiple payment gateways so that your users can hassle-free make the payment through Debit/Credit card
  • Create an appealing and slick user experience with simple page switching as a top priority. In order to cover the finer points, this should be started during the development of the mobile app.
  • Invest in a White-label Gojek Clone app development that allows you to make modifications as when with the changing landscape of the market.

Various On-demand Multi-services in a Single App

  • Uber like Taxi, Rental and Car Pool

This function of the Gojek Clone app can be viewed as a standalone taxi application. It functions by giving the app’s owner the ability to describe various automobiles within it, like hatchback, car, and SUV, along with the affordable prices. Highlights in this section include the ability to book a taxi in advance, taxi rentals, carpooling similar to Uber, and other innovative transportation options.

  • Delivery Anything, Anywhere
Delivery Anything

With the help of this Component, which serves as a delivery application inside the Gojek clone app, users can send and receive items of any weight and size from point A to one or more locations. The delivery drivers can utilise a variety of vehicles, including bikes, cars, trucks, and others, to make deliveries, depending on how many things need to be sent, how quickly they need to deliver them, and how much money your user is ready to spend. Your users can now make use of the services of distinctive delivery runners for jobs like shopping, picking up your laundry, collecting items, and other similar tasks.

  • On-demand Services
On-demand Services

The app’s end customers will be able to immediately find, hire, and pay service providers thanks to this section. They can reserve professionals like a car washer, dog walker, beautician, massage therapist, and babysitter to use their services immediately or at a later time. They can choose wisely depending on their hiring budget, the ratings and evaluations the professionals have received, as well as their experience and knowledge.

  • Medical Services
medical services

Featuring “On-Demand Medical Services,” a cutting-edge medical component that allows your users to look for doctors in their area who specialise in any field, as well as blood banks, ambulance services, and pharmacies. Your customers can order medications, schedule online video consultations, schedule appointments, and receive deliveries right to their doorsteps.

  • Food & Store Deliveries

This section of the application will give your customers access to the products of a lot of nearby restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. They can access it if the store of any type is registered in your app! This section of the programme allows your users to immediately purchase things and have them delivered to their doorstep.

Parting Thoughts

You can gain the necessary knowledge from this blog to assist you understand how to create an app similar to Gojek. Gojek App Clone is a reputable app development firm that provides 101+ services in a single app in addition to fresh elements and pre-built features.

This entails purchasing a White-label. Several doors of opportunity will be opened by Super App, allowing you to quickly establish your business.

The next big thing will be multi-service gojek clone app development, and now is the time to seize the opportunity. Happy New Year!


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