Find the best symbolic meaning of giving flowers on rose day


Valentine’s day is the day when every couple celebrates their love and even shows how much they love each other. Valentine’s day starts with a rose day. Red roses are considered the symbol of love and respect. Apart from the red roses, there are other flowers also which have a symbolic meaning on themselves. So if you are bored of giving the same old-school red roses to your loved ones. Then go with the different flowers. In this article, you will get lots of information about the different types of flowers that has the symbolic meaning of giving flowers on the rose day. 

The symbolic meaning of giving flowers on rose day

The followings are some of the symbolic meanings of giving flowers on rose day and they are:

White roses

Roses are the common flower that you can give to your loved ones. But one thing you have to even remember is that each color of the red roses indicates different kind of meaning. Talking about white roses it symbolizes the meaning of spirituality and a new beginning in your life. So if you are proposing anyone then white roses can be the important rose because it will indicate that you two are starting a new life which will even lead to a happy life. You will get the best flower delivery in Pune.

Pink roses

Pink rose is always considered as the symbol of admiration and aspiration. Suppose any person have done any kind of work that have given you the admiration. Then pink rose is the best to appreciate there work and they can even do better work in the nearest future.

Red roses

One of the most popular rose which is best to give in this valentine day. Red roses are the symbol of love and romance. If you have fallen in love with somebody else and want to propose in this Valentines day then red roses can be one of the best option for you. At the time of propose you can give this beautiful red roses and promise together to start a new life.

Yellow roses

When in love you can’t share lots secrets or talking with each other. Then in case friendship always plays the most important role. In this Valentine’s day it’s not important that you two should be a lover. Valentine’s day can also be celebrated between two friends also. You can give a yellow rose to your friend. Yellow rose symbolizes the true friendship and a bond which cant be broken. 

Orange roses

Orange roses is considered as one of the wildest flower in rose family. It gives the deepest meaning of passion and enthusiasm. If you are passionate about something then give orange roses to him or her. There are lots of sites that are available on the internet which will do the best flower delivery in Mumbai


If you are bored of the same old school roses in this valentine day. Then switch to some other flowers the best one will be the tulips. Tulips is considered as one of the most vibrant colored flowers. There are lots of symbolic meaning behind the tulip flower. Among them one of the best meaning is the passionate love. This one is the best to show how passionate you are for your partner and you don’t want to leave each other.


Hyacinth contains one of the most precious meaning that is the commitment. Which is very much important in any relationship. So in this Valentine’s day give the beautiful Hyacinth flower and give them a commitment that you will always stay with them. Apart from commitment this flower also symbolizes the power of peace and forgiveness in each other life. 

Matthiola Incana

One of the best flower to give your valentine in this year. The scent of the flower is so much good. The combination of cinnamon and clove will always give a calmness in the mind of your partner. Your partner will like this flower when you will note them that this flower is all related with beauty that doesn’t fades away as they gets aged. They will even make this flower in the top of there list. It’s a beautiful flower and you can even gift them as a beautiful bouquet.

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Rose is very much special in valentine. In this day you can note your partner how much you love each other. So make this day a  valentine special one so that they can’t forget your surprise in their whole and how much you love each other. Not only you should even know that it has a symbolic behind giving the numbers of roses to your loved ones. If your love ones are far away from you then you can easily send flowers online.


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