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Because the driver is directly responsible for the passengers’ safety, taxi insurance is a specialized product. It’s crucial to obtain commercial taxi insurance that protects you and your clients from bodily harm as well as damage and theft to your vehicle. Because your income is at risk if your automobile is the only way you make a living and it breaks down, your taxi insurance should also contain business interruption coverage.

Eligibility criteria for taxi insurance

You must fulfill a number of requirements before you can buy taxi insurance coverage. You must be between the ages of 25 and 65, and you cannot have a history of drug or alcohol abuse, possession of a weapon, or vehicular homicide convictions. There are several ways you can determine whether you qualify for taxicab insurance or not.

An overview – of why you need to Obtain taxi insurance

Any person working in this type of service company must have taxi insurance. Providing transportation for others is a noble and important job, but it also increases your level of responsibility. Anyone working in the limousine or taxi service industry should put ensuring proper financial coverage for themselves, their vehicles, their businesses, and their clients as their first concern.

It’s mandatory by the law

Taxi insurance is not only necessary for your business and way of life; it is also a legally mandated precautionary measure. Since you cannot predict when or if an accident will occur, you cannot afford to forgo this crucial coverage.

There are coverage options available that will meet your needs, regardless of whether you’re looking for a taxi insurance policy that covers an entire taxi fleet of vehicles or just one individual taxi. Even though you don’t intend to have an accident, knowing that the insurance agent is just a phone call away may significantly lessen your anxieties if one does happen.

Get cheap and discounted taxi insurance

If you are eligible for taxi insurance, there are a number of strategies to cut costs and qualify for discounts that will lower the price of your policy. You can compare taxi insurance rates with the assistance of a Protect My Taxi network agent who specializes in commercial auto insurance to ensure you have the proper coverage for your needs. For estimates and help right now, get in touch with a nearby member agent.

Can You Utilize Your Personal Car as a Taxi?

You can get a cab driver’s license and drive your own car or van, yes. There are a few steps you must take if you own a car that you want to utilize legally as a taxicab. Here are a few pieces of advice:

  • Make absolutely sure it is in good shape and absent of rust.
  • Apply for a local taxi license at the DMV by going there.
  • Choose the appropriate taxi insurance for your start-up company.
  • Promote your business locally to draw in repeat business.

You must obtain taxi insurance, of course, in order to operate a respectable business free from serious financial hardship brought on by liability lawsuits or personal injury claims. It can be challenging to find a policy that meets your needs while still covering your risks, so be sure to get advice from a Protect My Taxi member.

Discounts on Commercial Taxi Insurance

Some of the discounts might not be visible when you seek online taxi insurance quotes. Depending on your driving history, individual circumstances, and any additional coverage you require, the cost of your taxi insurance premium will change. Here are five queries to consider that could help you reduce your premiums:

Have you ever owned a business vehicle? 

Some taxi insurance providers will take into account your prior experience operating a commercial car and reduce your cost.

Do you own a home?

If you own a home, taxi insurance companies might give you a sizable discount. The risk you pose to the insurers is taken into account when calculating your premiums; the less risky you are to insure, the more trustworthy you are.

Do you have a spouse? 

Because married people are statistically more responsible behind the wheel, they can obtain lower taxi insurance for the same reason that homeowners can. Any information that lowers your risk is worth sharing with taxi insurance providers.

Do you serve as a chauffeur or executive driver? 

These are less expensive options than operating a taxi. Taxi cab insurance is more expensive than other business vehicle insurance, as you will discover. You could find that working as an executive driver is a good option.

Can you change how much business taxi insurance you purchase? 

Extras can easily increase the cost. Just be careful to think about how much insurance you’ll need for your taxi business to cover your risks.

If you’re unsure of how much taxi insurance you require, discuss your options with a local Protect My Taxi member agency. All of your business insurance requirements can be met by member agents that focus on commercial auto insurance from a single central location.

What Sort of Insurance Do I Need for a Taxi Cab If I Hire Drivers?

If you wish to hire drivers to use your vehicles, it is possible to obtain multiple driver taxi cab insurance. A multi-driver policy can add additional drivers to the normal taxi insurance policy. For each driver operating one of your vehicles, you will now receive the same protection as you do with a single taxi insurance policy.

If you employ multiple taxi drivers, you should also think about purchasing employment practices liability insurance. This will protect you from any allegations of wrongful termination, sexual harassment, or discrimination from any of your taxi drivers.

A local independent agent can provide you with the guidance you need to understand taxi insurance coverage concerns, such as the specifics of your multiple driver policy and employment practices liability coverage.

Keep in mind that cheap is not always the best option.

You should keep in mind that this is not the time to try to save money or cut back on premiums when you are thinking about a particular sort of insurance plan. You always get what you pay for, so you can’t afford to forgo reliable insurance that safeguards both taxis and their drivers.

What you should concentrate on is a reliable insurance plan that will offer you the greatest protection at the most reasonable cost. Working with a reputable, long-standing business with a solid reputation for providing excellent customer care is essential.

The Appropriate Insurance for Your Taxi Business

Make sure you have the coverage you require in case of an accident, car damage, or passenger injury. You can compare taxi insurance quotes with the assistance of a Protect My Taxi member agent, who can also help you feel more at ease while you make these crucial choices. Customers across the nation receive local support from Protect My Taxi member agents, who are stationed in more than 27,000 member agency locations nationwide.

Your Protect My Taxi network agent will offer you individualized care, address any inquiries you may have, and assist you in lowering the price of your taxi insurance. Find a member agent in your area right now to get the assistance you require.


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