Everything You Need to Know About Groundworks and Foundations


Groundworks Meaning

Groundwork is considered the first set of activities involved in a construction project. It refers to the work done to prepare the sub-surfaces for the construction project to start the Groundworks in Taunton work and lead to the laying of foundations.

What Is Involved In The Groundwork?

Numerous services are involved in the groundwork, and the services vary from the nature of each construction site and project. Aside from any site-enabling work and demolition work that may be considered necessary to be carried out. Groundworks Southwest fundamentally involves the following 12 different steps

  • Ground investigations
  • Site clearance
  • Trenching
  • Retaining walls
  • Sheet piles
  • Sewer Construction
  • Basement Construction
  • Temporary and permanent drainage
  • Specialist tunnelling
  • Landscaping
  • Surfacing roads and car parks
  • Foundations

Groundworks and Investigation Sites

As mentioned in the article, groundwork is the work to prepare the land for further construction. It is the preparation done on the ground to carry out further steps and to offer a strong base. Carrying out groundwork investigation on the work site is a must to ensure that the preparation of your construction project is done correctly.

In fact, it’s illegal to start construction without the groundwork investigation if we talk about laws. This investigation helps identify the ground you are using for the structure, was used for what purpose previously, and figure out if it’s safe to work on this ground or if you will face any future stability issues. It is also helpful in finding different problems with the ground.

This investigation is done by planning enforcement officers to decipher any defects, abandoned mine, geology, contamination, hydrogeology, hydrology and issues like soil contamination going out with the ground of your construction project. Then these officers will use the gathered data to help design a much more substantial building. If done right, having an investigation can save you from many problems In the future and the hefty cost of groundwork. For clearing the groundworks investigation, the footprint of the structure and the depth must complement the lay of the land. Levelling any slopy sites and levelling off development platforms is necessary, and never forget to retain the walls of your construction project.

Groundworks Taunton


It is a must to build the foundations as stated in the approved plans, as it provides the building with a structure and can cause harm if the approved plan is not followed. By not following the agreed procedures, your building may overshadow or overlook the neighbouring building, which can cause some issues later.

You measure all the heights based on a fixed called datum point. Establishing the datum point is one of the most critical steps to keep in mind for building the foundation; it is also essential to determine what it takes to level off the work site. Datum point can be based on the finished floor, benchmarks, or an existing building, and then you must start digging the foundation trenches and levelling concrete within them.

Essential is to make sure that your ground is stripped of vegetation and soil first and to have oversite treatment beneath the concrete floor slab. Once the concrete is poured into the trenches, levelling it with straight timber is necessary, bringing it to the final finish. The most crucial point to consider is that you should only trust the experienced and known leading contractors for all your processes involved in Groundworks.

Types of Foundation

There are two major types of foundation

Strip Foundation:

In Strip Foundation, the concrete’s base layer is thin compared to the trench foundation. In fact, they are only 30mm thick, but the exact thickness depends upon the design of the building, the number of masonry courses and soil condition.

Trench Fill Foundation:

Most self-builders and large-scale construction operators use a trench-fill foundation because it does not require laying brick down below ground; instead, they pour concrete within 150mm of the ground level.

Why is Ground Work Important?

When it comes to building construction, groundwork is vital for overall process. It’s imperative to have a stable foundation if you want your building to remain afe, sturdy and fit for occupation. Groundworks in South West help define the layout and structure of your construction project and offer the strength necessary to hold the building’s weight.


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