Essential Points to Consider Before Getting a Haircut


Have you ever been greatly dissatisfied after having a haircut? Have you ever faced difficulty while accepting your new haircut? Such a horrible experience it is! But you are not the only one who has faced this situation; most people face it at least once in their lifetime.

Hair is one of the most important parts of our life and personality; thus, it’s our responsibility to give it the best look as much as we can. It enhances our beauty and improves our personality. It helps us to leave a memorable and long-lasting impression on people. A bad haircut can really affect all these things and give us a weird look. It is no less than a nightmare for all of us to have such a haircut that doesn’t suit our body type and personality.

But don’t worry. To sort out this problem, following is the list of some important points everyone should know before visiting a hair salon for cutting in Washington, DC. These points will greatly help you get a perfect haircut as per your expectations and give you a satisfactory look. Let’s know about them:

  1. Know your face shape

The first thing to consider is knowing the face shape. If you know what type of face shape you have, be it a square, heart, oval, or round shape, you can better understand which haircut will suit you best.

  • Know your hair texture

Your hair texture is also a considerable thing to get a perfect haircut. If you have coarse and curly hair, you can’t expect to have a haircut like those who don’t have one. And similarly, if you have thin and fine hair, it’s not right to get a haircut like those having thick hair. First, know your hair texture and opt for a haircut accordingly. You can also show your hairstylist the pictures of the haircuts you like or want to have. It will increase the chances of giving you a satisfactory haircut.

  • Will it really suit you?

Before getting a new hairstyle, ensure that the particular haircut will really suit you. Some people get inspiration from their favorite celebs or friends and think their hairstyle suits them too. But this is not true. Everyone has their unique style and personality; thus, they need to choose their haircuts accordingly.

  • Be 100% sure about the change:

Be sure that you really want a change. If you are confused or undecided and still wondering whether you should go for it, wait until you become 100% sure that you really want it. It will save you from any regrets after getting the haircut.

  • Have realistic expectations

Some people raise their expectations while having a new haircut. They think their new haircut will give them a look just like their favorite celebrities they are inspired by. But they ignore that these celebs have their own hair stylist who spends hours styling their hair full of extensions and wind machines on a daily basis. So, be realistic and opt for a haircut that you can easily maintain on your own.

  • Know enough about your hairstylist:

If you are thinking of getting your haircut from a new hairstylist, try to know enough about them. Before visiting their hair-cutting salon in Washington, DC, it’s worth considering to know some detailed information about them.

Below are some tips you can go through to get enough information about them.

  • What is their experience in this field?
  • Many reputed and professional hair salons like to share their works or portfolios on their social media accounts or websites. Go through them. This can give you an idea of their work and what you should expect from them.
  • Check out the reviews from their previous or existing clients to decide better whether the particular hairdresser is the right one for you or whether you should try another one.
  • Make sure to establish a cordial relationship with your hairstylist. If they are neither friendly nor listen to your ideas, it’s better to opt for the other.


We hope this article will prove helpful in getting you a perfect haircut that suits your personality or face structure. Keep in mind the steps mentioned above and choose a haircut carefully. All the best!

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