Which Difficulties Do International Students in Australia Face to Stay and Work After Graduation?


Australian universities are seeing an increase in relocating international students. A record number of foreign students may enroll in the nation in 2023, according to certain predictions.

The government’s modest policy adjustment is insufficient, though. It entails that Temporary Graduate Visa 485 will be able to find employment in their fields of study. In order to recruit more qualified international graduates, it is necessary to take further measures beyond merely extending visas. These are the challenges that students in Australia are dealing with.

Challenges That Students in Australia are Dealing to Stay and Work After Graduation

  • Not every graduate finds employment

Six months after graduating, up to one-third of foreign graduates who chose to stay in Australia after finishing their studies are still without a job. Even with record low jobless rates, this remains the reality.

International graduates consistently have lower full-time employment rates than domestic graduates. For instance, in 2021, foreign graduates with college degrees had a full-time employment rate of 43.0%, compared to 68.9% for domestic graduates.

  • Language Disparities

The most frequent challenge students have when studying in Australia is language problems, which is hard to imagine but real. Each educational institution or university has a unique set of requirements that a student must meet in order to be admitted to a reputable institution. 

According to the Educational Institute, students must successfully complete prestigious examinations like the PTE or IELTS and get passable results. 

  • A Cash Shortage

Apart from the fees associated with the Student visa Australia, there are several charges and financial commitments that students must meet in order to survive in Australia. Students who are interested in enrolling at their ideal Australian university must submit financial information to the Migration Department as evidence of their capacity to support themselves. 

  • Prevent Documentation Mistakes

Understanding the documentation procedure for Student Visa 500 is one of the main challenges that students go across while seeking to study in Australia. 

The Student visa Australia document checklist contains a number of different sets of papers that applicants to Australian universities must gather from scratch. Documentation is frequently cited as one of the main factors that influence people to seek the help of reputable migration agencies. 

  • If Changing to another Course

One of the major challenges for international students in Australia is changing courses mid-term. It is a difficult process for students to demonstrate to the authorities that they have good cause to move to a different subject. 

Only educational advisers who are familiar with the process for changing a course to suit a student’s needs may help a student switch to a completely other course.

  • A Variety of Cultural Shocks

Australia is home to multicultural civilizations and customs since it serves as a haven for individuals from other cultures and countries. For an international student, it might be challenging to recognize cultural differences and make adjustments due to the extreme cultural variety. 

It is important to maintain composure and accept reality as it is in Australian culture. 

  • Or if they do find employment, the compensation is lower

It also takes time to locate lucrative work in fields connected to a student’s subject of study.

Many students and recent graduates claim to be accepting occupations that are unrelated to their fields of study, frequently for little pay.

Additionally, studies have shown that overseas graduates with college degrees earn 20% less than their domestic counterparts even when they secure full-time jobs.

  • Opportunities to gain job experience are insufficient

The restricted possibility to work while they study is another factor contributing to the difficulty for overseas students in finding employment after graduation.

Work placements or internships are becoming harder to get as a result of COVID and the drive toward more online education. Many institutions started offering internships again in 2022, however some students finished their degrees without any real-world job experience.


At first, glance, studying in Australia could seem exciting, but there are several drawbacks that are seldom mentioned. You’ll have a difficult time adjusting to the new atmosphere if you’re an international student, and that’s only the beginning.

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