Creating a Professional Online Presence: A Guide to Author Website Design


Any author who wants to be taken seriously must have a website. It’s the best way to share your work with the world and a crucial marketing strategy to increase readership and book sales. Fortunately, anyone can create a great author website design with help; you don’t need to be a tech whiz to achieve it. 

Having a website is not just enough. Also, you have to create a catchy and user-friendly author website design which keeps the reader intact to your website.

What exactly is an author’s website?

A specific author website design allows them to establish their online presence. Also, communicate information about their work, create community, and advance their careers.

Since people are typically directed to your author’s website after coming across your material or reading one of your books, the website will probably be where people learn more about your writing career and other works. 

Additionally, authors have websites where they can collect leads, promote new books, and sell them directly through an e-commerce platform. It also lets readers get in touch with them, leave reviews, ask questions, or interact with other readers. 

How to develop a user-friendly author website design?

There are many tips and tricks for creating an author website design. Here are a few listed below

Purchase a domain

Your “street address” on the internet is a domain name, which you may buy or, more precisely, rent to get started.

There are other businesses, such as Google domains and GoDaddy, that allow you to own your domain for as little as $8 per year.

Although it usually costs more, you can also purchase a domain name straight from various website builders; remember, in the future, a domain name will consider your brand name.

Select a web host and website builder. 

Author website design and content can be edited on a website builder, whilst the servers that will host your website are provided by a hosting service. 

If your domain is your street address, for example, the hosting server rents you the land, and the website builder is the building authority that permits you to construct it. 

Today, the majority of website builders include hosting. It will help save you the effort of joining up for a second service, connecting them, and paying two separate annual costs. But as we just stated, this choice is more expensive. You can find learning books on this topic through ghostwriting services company.

Employ a website designer for the author website design.

The excellent news is that you don’t have to start from scratch, which might be a scary proposition.

Each of the above website builders has a significant selection of free templates for you to pick from.

You could explore the various styles, select the one that appeals to you the most, drag your photographs into the style, and copy.

If you want to stand out and create a unique website, buying ready-made themes runs the danger of creating something that appears too similar to other author websites, which could harm your brand. 

One common choice is to hire a professional author website designer; this will cost you more money (on average, $1,600), but it will ensure a professional outcome. You will have the creative freedom to customize your site to your branding if you work with a designer. 

Make an interactive home page.

Although you should feel free to experiment, there are a few things that your website must have. You may always visit your favorite author’s websites to get ideas on what to add to your online presence.

A professional website will typically feature these things in general.

Author bio

An individual page with your author bio, professional headshot, and, ideally, some interesting facts about you (e.g., “In my spare time, I dive with sharks”).

Contact form

A straightforward method to contact you, such as a phone number, a primary email address, or a form (if you want to live life on the edge and invite spam calls). 

Links in social media.

Do you genuinely exist if you’re not on social media? Even if you’re making jokes, link to your accounts at the top or bottom of each page if you’re actively building an online fan base.

A blog

A blog helps update readers on your latest views and ideas and is typically advised for nonfiction writers.

The next stage is to create a newsletter that will allow you to engage directly with your audience after the foundational elements have been developed. 

Create an email newsletter.

A mailing list is the most crucial resource for expanding your readership and the basis of every author’s platform. An email newsletter is a communication you have control over, unlike social media, and you can use it to convert readers into loyal fans. 

Make a resource that is free for your visitors.

Simply put, a lead magnet is a free resource that potential customers may access by providing their email addresses.

Anything goes as long as the lead magnet’s content benefits your readers. If you’re a fiction author, it might be a short story or even the first instalment in a series. 

Continue to enhance customer experience. It’s always possible to make your website visitors’ experience better. A calendar page for your book tour, dynamic elements, banners for price reductions, etc.

You have a variety of choices.

If handling all these issues sounds too challenging to handle on your own, think about hiring a professional site designer who will enhance your author website design.

You may find top-notch designers on Reedsy who can assist you in creating a website that meets your expectations. 


Remember that this is your online residence. Also, it will impact what readers and literary agents think of you when they Google your name.

Your Author website design deserves extra time and attention. Further, it needs to be as appealing and expert-looking as you can make it. The more the reader stays on your website, then there is a good chance it will increase your sales. Indeed, this piece will point you in the right way. 

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