Best Ways to Use Adus


As the housing crisis continues and the cost of living continues to rise, it has become increasingly difficult for many people to find and afford a place to live. To help address this issue, accessory dwelling units (adus) from ADU Builders are becoming a popular and effective solution. Adus are small, secondary dwellings that can be built on the same property as a primary residence. S

They can be used for various purposes, from additional living space for family members to short-term rental units. In this blog post, we will discuss the best adu design Los Angeles, from legal and financial considerations to design and planning tips. With the right approach, adus can be a useful and cost-effective option when it comes to housing needs.

1. Increasing living space

An adu (accessory dwelling unit) is a great way to increase living space without breaking the bank. Adus are self-contained living units that can be added to an existing property. They can be used as a rental unit, a home office, an extra bedroom, or even an in-law suite. Adus offer a great way to add more living space without having to build a whole new home. Additionally, they can add to the value of your property, making them a great investment.

2. Increasing rental income

Increasing rental income is one of the most attractive benefits of adding an adu to your property. With an extra unit, you can bring in additional income from rent and increase your overall cash flow. Plus, because an adu is typically a separate unit, you can choose to rent it out to a number of different tenants. This allows you to maximize your rental income by renting out the unit on a short-term basis, or even listing it on vacation rental websites. Additionally, you can choose to rent out the adu to a long-term tenant, which can provide you with a dependable source of income.

3. Creating a separate office space or workspace

Creating a separate office space or workspace within an adu is a great way to ensure you remain productive and focused on your work. This can be especially useful if you work from home, or if you need a place to concentrate and stay organized. When creating an office space within an adu, it’s important to consider the layout and size of the space, as well as the kind of furniture and equipment needed to make it a comfortable, efficient workspace. Additionally, if you have clients or customers visiting, you may want to create a separate entrance so they can access your office without entering the rest of the adu. With the right setup and design, an office space in an adu can be the perfect place to work.


Adus offer an affordable and creative way to add living space within an existing home. With the right planning, you can create a separate living space for a family member, an office, a rental unit, or another purpose without taking away from your home’s existing design. With the right design and construction techniques, you can create an adu that will benefit you and your family for years to come.


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