Benefits of Akashic Records as a Healing Wand


Akashic Records are a sublime gateway to eternal peace and euphoria.

Some people consider it a healing wand or tool for wounded souls. Those battling emotional turmoil feel fulfilled when they enter the divine records. The healing power of Akashic Records is unimaginable. But what are Akashic Records? Simply put, Akashic scriptures are a mystical logbook of your soul’s journey across space and time. All the information concerning your past lives, existing lifetime, future prospects, the purpose of your soul’s existence, and how you can fight off the problems you are facing in your current life, can be accessed via Akashic Records reading. 

Akashic Records offer you the ability to work through and remedy your dysfunctional life patterns, from both your lifetimes, present and past incarnations. In this article, we will take a look at the ways in which Akashic Records serve as a healing tool for your wrenched soul. 

Benefits of Accessing Akashic Records

1.  Accessing the highest degree of Divine guidance. 

You cannot enter the Book of Life, the divine records unless you are well-versed or trained enough to practice it. Once you have gone through a training program or self-studied pertaining to Akashic Records reading, you are eligible to access the highest level of Divine guidance. At this point, you are in a position to meet your Higher Self and the spirits present on the spiritual plane. This way, all your doubts and questions concerning the purpose of your existence and soul’s journey will be answered. You wouldn’t be in a dilemma. No speck of confusion or skepticism will be left within you. 

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Imagine having an ultimate source of guidance readily available at your fingertips. Not only can you discover your soul’s purpose, but also explore if a particular career, relationship, or any situation is aligned with your soul’s mission at a soul level. Therefore, reading Akashic Records could help you know yourself better, discover your soul’s identity, and the pivotal decisions you would be making during your lifetime. 

2. Analysing your past and present situations from a spiritual angle. 

The moment you enter the divine logbook called Akashic Records, you will begin examining things from a spiritual perspective. As opposed to human eyes, a spiritual lens will enable you to better perceive and analyze the circumstances you are currently in and have previously been in. It allows you to see the “big picture” of your life’s different aspects, be it relationships, jobs, or challenging experiences. In other words, your perspective towards life gets broadened once you access the Akashic Records. 

3. Identifying and healing past life trauma. 

Sometimes, traumatic experiences from your past lives get imprinted in your memory capsules on a subconscious level, without you realizing it. Later in life, if you happen to stumble upon a similar situation, those memory capsules may become re-stimulated and begin to haunt you. For instance, let us say you went through a grave financial crisis at some point in your past life. The buried trauma enclosed in a memory capsule may get triggered if you experience the slightest form of financial loss. As a result, you might start shivering or have a panic attack. The anxiety or mental distress you go through is basically a sign of those untreated past traumas. 

When you connect with the Book of Life, you are able to identify the very memory capsules that contain your past trauma. Once spotted, you are empowered enough to overcome them. 

Therefore, accessing the Akashic Records can help you release old wounds and traumas, leading to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. 

4. Uniting with your past life versions to rekindle your hidden abilities.

The Akashic Records allow you to meet your past life versions that carry special abilities, talents, or wisdom. Not only can you identify the hidden abilities resting within your past self, but also awaken them to revive in your current lifetime. Again, this helps you to exploit your potential to do great in the future. There comes a point in time when you feel your abilities and skills have nearly exhausted and you are no longer capable of succeeding in life ahead. In this case, accessing the Akashic Records may facilitate the identification and resuscitation of your special expertise. In this way, you are able to curate the right career path for yourself. 

5. Bring calmness and composure to your personality.

If you feel you have a troubled personality, you are extremely reactive, aggressive, and impatient, you may have had a hard time coping up with almost anything around you. A lack of composure and self-control could get you nowhere in life. Thus, it is necessary for you to refuel yourself with calmness and equanimity, especially when encountering difficult situations. 

For example, if you are hyper-reactive, you tend to become more defensive and aggressive simultaneously. You view yourself as a victim. So, if this behavior persists for a long time, you might resort to drug addiction as a countermeasure. Therefore, in situations like these, entering the spiritual plane, connecting with your holy grail, and seeking Divine guidance can save you from falling into a pit. 

While working with Akashic Records, you tend to become less reactive. Each time you enter the holy scrolls, a certain ounce of your “reactivity” sheds off of you. Because entering the records requires your soul energy to shift and vibrate at a higher level, you are naturally drawn to losing those hyperactive cells within you. Subsequently, you come out as a new person, non-practice, composed, and self-controlled. For more articles click here


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