Avoiding Common Swing Mistakes: How Golf Lessons Can Help


Golf is a sport that requires a certain level of mastery over the swing and game mechanics to avoid committing mistakes and make good scores Taking golf lessons from an experienced golfer will make you understand the basic things and mistakes to avoid.

Common mistakes to avoid while playing golf

Avoiding some common mistakes help to get better results as they improve technical skills and enhance practical knowledge.

1. Unaware of your carry distance

One of the classic examples of a bad golfer is simply being unaware of the average distance you hit your clubs on a stroke. Higher golfers usually tend to overestimate the overall distance with each club and make a blind guess regarding carrying distance, or how far the ball travels in the air.

Most golfers just know how far they’ve hit a club overall and not their carry distance. They often knock their ball into bunkers or short of greens since their ball doesn’t carry as much as they think. On the other side, good players who have taken appropriate golf lessons focus on their throwing distance and are certain to the nearest meter.

2. Aiming straight at the flag

Every golfer loves to aim for the hero shot, but sadly this doesn’t happen. A good instructor in golf lessons would make you understand that aiming straight at the flag too often is a mistake to be avoided. Instead, learn where to leave the ball so that even if you miss the shot, you’ll be in an easy position to stand up and move around. Therefore taking lessons to improve your golf sessions is important.

3. Not practicing half-wedge shots

There is a possibility of intentionally hitting the ball into the trees before acting responsibly and pitching out. You will then be left with some form of wedge shot. You need to have a wedge game even though it is not a strong one. Something that will send the ball someplace onto the green and prevent disaster shots like thins, chunks, and shanks.

Renowned golfers suggest practising the wedge shots from 30-, 40-, and 50-yards during golf lessons since high-graded golfers frequently use them.

Penalties And Disqualifications: Common Mistakes To Avoid On The Golf Course

Golf is a challenging game that entertains no careless mistakes as it could end up costing the player dearly, even leading to disqualification.

Leaving the slope functionality on

Nowadays, a lot of rangefinders have slope capabilities to account for elevation variations. This is wonderful for giving you slope-adjusted tee shots to help you choose the right club. This seems great during practise or playing casually with friends.

However, this activity of obtaining measurable information on elevation changes is specifically prohibited by Rule 4.3a which makes it mandatory to turn off the slope functionality option in the range finder.

  • If you forget to put it off, the first breach will cost you two strokes or a hole-in-one in match play.
  • If you repeat it during the same round, you will be disqualified.

While giving golf lessons, the golf instructor will ensure you know all the rules of the sport.

Using the wrong ball

Using the right brand of ball is important. There is a standard penalty for playing the wrong balls which is two strokes or hole loss in match play. During the stroke play, the player must also go back to correct the mistake by playing the right ball.

This must be completed either before:

  • Hitting the tee shot on the next hole or
  • Handing in the card if it was the final hole.

If the necessary corrections are not made in time, the penalty becomes disqualification.

Golf Lessons

Signing the scorecard

It is the responsibility of each player under Rule no. 3.3b to sign the scorecard before returning it. If the scorecard is returned without the player’s signature, it leads to disqualification.


Playing golf involves different skills but not all of them are technical. There is a good amount of practical knowledge, extra concentration, and awareness at the right moment that the sport demands. Taking proper golf lessons is important as it makes players aware of the rules so that they avoid making mistakes for that perfect shot.


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