What Aspects Should a Doctoral Dissertation Research Project Follow?


If you are stuck in the indefinite difficult stages of your PhD degree, don’t worry, you are at the right place. PhD degree is the highest level of education in any country. It would be great to call yourself a doctor, but you have to wait until you are done and dusted with your dissertation. Doctoral dissertation research is a time-taking process in which you design research to resolve a particular problem. Most of the students do not know the aspects of a doctoral dissertation project. A directionless and aimless approach will generate obstacles in the completion of a dissertation.

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So, this article will provide guidelines about the research projects and cover each aspect related to it.

Things To Know About Doctoral Dissertations:

A doctoral dissertation research project is basically a collection of research papers in which you identify a gap from the previous methods and literature work and propose a solution. A dissertation is a lengthy and hectic process. Doing research and writing is not an easy task. You need to have a specific skill set to conduct troubleshooting and analysis of your results.

Normally, PhD students often underestimate the importance of a dissertation. A good and well-designed research project shows your critical, analytical, and intellectual abilities. Dissertation research projects needs to be submitted on time. Hence, start writing it early after completing the analysis and writing process of your dissertation.

There is no particular deadline for submitting a thesis. Once you are ready with the results, start writing and finish it on time.

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Common Elements Of Doctoral Dissertation:

Regardless of any discipline, the following aspects of doctoral dissertation research are common. Let’s explore multifarious approaches to do a  doctoral dissertation research project:

Choosing A Topic:

The nature of work and outcomes of research are depended on the topic. The topic’s selection is necessary to narrow down and focus particular field of study. A doctoral dissertation’s topic should specify and highlight certain characteristics of the research. You should choose a topic before starting the research project. You can decide topic early through a discussion with your supervisor. Also, open yourself to criticism to understand the features of a topic.


Any document requires an introduction for background information on the topic. It is also an important part of a doctoral dissertation. The introduction briefly introduces the topic stating the definition and various features of the study. It also covers the explanation of technical terminologies that are necessary to bring clarity to your topic. Most of the students ignore this aspect of doctoral dissertation as a result of which they ended up losing their grades.


Another important element in the dissertation research project is a hypothesis. You can also refer to it as a problem statement or research questions developed from your literature review. The hypothesis is mandatory to the research project to show the foundation of investigating a topic deeply and involves the objectives of carrying out the project.

Review Of Past And Current Data:

The literature review is a crucial part of every research project. It portrays the existing and previous work of scholars, methodologies, and outcomes of their research work. From the literature review, you will identify the gap, design your research work, and add authentic sources of information to back up your ideas. You may ask for help from your colleagues and supervisor to apprehend the multiple aspects.

Understanding The Methods:

A doctoral dissertation research has to follow a series of methods and materials to conduct and prove their study. The most important part is the reproducibility of the results. You need to understand the significance of defined methodologies to see which instruments, techniques, and software should be used to achieve reach your desired targets.

Analysis Of Results:

The raw results of your research project do not have any importance. Once you get the initial draft of your results, you need to refine and interpret it further through additional analysis. This will require the inclusion of figures, tables, charts, and graphs for an easier explanation of the results. You need to follow a strategy to make your results comprehensible.

Contribution To The Scientific Community:

Another thing students often neglect in their doctoral dissertation research is the exclusion of the study’s significance. You cannot just casually conduct the research and waste money of your funding organization. The study should be impactful and have a practical solution to a problem. Be honest with your project’s limitations and future recommendations. Highlight how your research project contributes to the scientific community.


This is the common element of every academic paper. Most of the students are confused and think to discuss the results of previous researchers. However, the main role of discussion is to provide insight into your findings. Elaborate on the results related to your hypothesis and research questions and explain how they differ from your predictions.


The conclusion does not mean repeating the information. Instead, you need to restate your hypothesis and briefly summarise the topic. A concluding statement of a research project should pinpoint the future applications of the invented product or recommendations for further improvement in the study.

Ethical Issues Related To The Topic:

Another important aspect of a doctoral dissertation project is the ethical and legal boundaries. Before carrying out an in-depth investigation on the topic, you need to assure that your patient’s personal data and history will be kept confidential in it. Consider the ethical questions of the topic and refrain from using those questions in the dissertation. It would create further complications in the study.

Bibliography List:

Lastly, the important thing in a research project is to make a bibliography list. Stating any argument without any reference will create problems for you. In the academic world, it is considered to be a crime to quote someone without mentioning their name. Hence, it is important to add citations to the dissertation to enhance its clarity and quality of it. Also, follow the required referencing style in your doctoral dissertation.

Final Words:

Innovation and creativity are prerequisites to designing a good and effective research project and if we are talking about doctoral dissertation research, it must be impactful and strong enough to revolutionize the scientific community. No matter which life stage you are in, you need to develop a positive attitude and self-confidence to achieve the objective. These elements are part of a dissertation research project which will help you to develop an outline and add relevant content.


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