Applying for a Turkey Visa as a Canadian Citizen – The Basics



When it comes to traveling, getting a visa is one of the most important steps in the process. For Canadian citizens wanting to visit Turkey, there are a few different ways to go about obtaining the necessary visa. This article will outline the various options and offer insight into the application process, making it easier for Canadians to stay up-to-date and get the visa they need.

The first step any Canadian considering a trip to Turkey should take is checking to see if they need a visa. All foreign visitors are required to have one, and the requirements vary depending on the passport holders’ nationality Turkey Visa for Canada Citizens. For Canadians, the visa can be obtained online or at a Turkish embassy or consulate.

What is the visa requirement for Turks visiting Canada?

For those wishing to obtain a Turkey visa online, they will need to fill out an eVisa application. When completing the eVisa, the applicant will need to supply personal information, answer some eligibility questions, and provide their passport details, as well as their travel plans and other information relevant to their trip. The applicant will then be required to pay a fee and, if necessary, upload any supporting documents. 

Once the application has been submitted, any follow-up questions or needed documentation will be communicated via email or SMS. It is important to check the application regularly and respond quickly so that the process can continue. Upon approval, the eVisa will be delivered via email, and the traveler will be free to enter Turkey.

How to apply for a Turkish visa?

For those who prefer to apply through the Turkish embassy or consulate, the process is very similar. However, in this case, the applicant will have to send off all the necessary documents and materials (such as a copy of their passport and supporting documents if needed) to the embassy or consulate for processing. Typically, it will take about three to five working days for the visa application to be  Turkey Visa Application Process  processed and for the passport to be returned with the visa sticker. 

Finally, for Canadians wanting to enter Turkey for business or education, there are additional and specific requirements that must be met. For these applicants, the visa must be obtained from the relevant Turkish institution and must be presented along with the entry document before they are allowed to enter.

How long does it take to process a Turkish visa application?

getting a visa to visit Turkey is relatively straightforward for Canadians. Whether they choose to apply online or through the Turkish embassy or consulate, the process is largely the same, though some additional requirements may be necessary for travelers intending to stay in the country for an extended period of time. With the right preparations and paperwork, any Canadian citizen will soon be free to enjoy their visit to the country known for its rich history, culture, and beauty.

As a citizen of Canada, if you are interested in traveling to Turkey, you will need to obtain a valid Turkey visa. Citizens and permanent residents of Canada are eligible to apply for a Turkey visa and can do so either in person at a Turkish Embassy or through a designated Turkey visa application center. The cost of a Turkish visa is determined by applicant’s nationality, purpose and duration of stay in Turkey.

What are the benefits of having a Turkish visa when travelling to Turkey?

The first step in obtaining a Turkey visa is to understand the country’s visa requirements. Turkish embassy websites include detailed information about the Turkish visa requirements, so it is important to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the requirements before submitting an application. Depending on your purpose of visit, several documents may need to be submitted in order to qualify for a Turkish visa. This may include a valid Canadian passport, an application form, proof of valid health insurance, return flight tickets and proof of sufficient funds.

Once the necessary documents are obtained, applicants must submit their application to the Turkish Embassy or visa application center. In general, visas will require the presence of an applicant for an in-person interview to ensure their credibility. Following the interview, applicants will have to pay a processing fee with the exact amount determined by their visa type and nationality.


Once the application and necessary fees are processed, the Turkey visa will become a part of a Canadian passport. It is important to be aware that a Turkey visa may take a few weeks to process. Additionally, once the visa is received, it will be valid for a limited duration so it is important to make sure that the entire stay in Turkey falls within the validity period of the visa.


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