All You Need To Know About Winter Car Care 


Cold weather hurts your vehicle, but you can minimize the damage by taking care of your prized possession. There is always the scope to consult professionals offering auto service in Burbank, and they will do everything necessary so that your car is ready to tackle the temperature drop most effectively. Likewise, you can count on Burbank Motor Works to do everything required for your winter car care. 

Let us understand some necessary steps to ensure your vehicle remains in good health despite the prevailing winter chill. 

A Preparatory Check-up

A Preparatory check-up of your car is the simplest and basic tip to keep your vehicle in good health during the winter. Right at the season’s onset, you must take your car to any authorized motor workshop for a health check-up. The vehicle could malfunction in extreme weather conditions, and this check will ascertain whether the parts are functioning correctly or not. This way, you can avoid potential mishaps later on. 

The Battery

Usually, the summer heat can cause maximum damage to the battery. However, during the winter, the vehicle battery could suffer in a different form. There could be concerns if the car battery charge is low or relatively close to depletion. Your vehicle battery is likely to die off in the winter chill. If distilled water freezes inside, it can cause permanent damage. Can you notice the improper functioning of electrical systems? It is the first sign that the battery is not in good health and needs a check-up. It would help if you also tried to avoid overloading the battery. 

Tire Pressure 

Optimum tire pressure is another thing your should concern about in the wintertime. First, you must understand it is a simple physics mechanism to clear the air. During winter, the air contracts inside your tire due to decreased pressure. Driving with a low-pressure tire is risky, so you must get it checked by an authorized motor workshop. In winter, you can also look forward to using traction-enhancing tires. 

The Use Of Defogger Or Fan

Is the windshield of your car fogging up? There is always such a possibility during winter, making your vehicle engine work harder. In addition, it is a scenario where the vehicle itself could overheat. So, you must take steps to prevent the windshield from fogging. You can explore possibilities to enhance ventilation in your car. You can also consider using a defogger or a fan to address this problem. 

Check The Brakes And Turn Signals

Checking your car brakes and turn signals is one more check you must do as a part of winter car care tips. It can be risky to drive with non-functional turn signals in foggy weather, which is common in winter. So, you must make sure that they are functioning correctly. 


This comprehensive guide is all you need to know about winter car care. First, you must take your vehicle to any authorized motor workshop for checks to function correctly in the adverse winter chill. A review of these fundamental areas will ensure that your prized possession runs fine during winter.


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