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Advance Auto Parts Merchandise is a brand-new retail concept added to Advance Auto Components’ portfolio of brands. Advance Auto Parts Merchandise is a leading retailer of automotive aftermarket parts. The store model is intended for independent owners who receive additional operations and merchandising DIY help from Advance and it specifically targets the growing automotive DIY channel. The result of years of research and development in collaboration with our independent shop partners is Carquest by Advance.

Interior and exterior signage, as well as a standard variety of DIY automobile parts and accessories made available by Advance, are all features of Advance Auto Parts Merchandise by Advance locations. Diehard batteries, the most reputable auto battery in America are part of the product line and are owned by Advance. Independent owners can use Advance’s network of supplier partners or collaborate with local vendors to carry additional items that fulfill the particular needs of the communities they serve in addition to offering the company’s basic product lineup. Along with free curbside services including battery testing and installation, wiper blade installation, curbside and in-store part pickup, and DIY-friendly hours, Advance Auto Parts Merchandise stores may also provide these services. Independent proprietors have access to Advance’s technical assistance, customer platforms including the e-Receipt messaging system and the Speed Perks reward program and resources.

Ton of Specials Coupon Codes

It’s simple to save money at Advance Auto Parts because there are always a ton of specials and coupon codes available. On clearance items, you may frequently save up to 70% off and frequently get 0.5% off regular price. Your discount will be instantly applied when you copy and paste the promo code from your Advance Auto Parts Coupon into the relevant section at checkout. Advance Auto Parts is proud to carry items from many of the leading automotive manufacturers in the market, like Die Hard, Auto Craft and Valvoline at extremely low costs that are accessible to everyone.

Strengths Is Our Professional Business

According to Junior Word, division president of Carquest North America Advance Auto Parts Merchandise is the result of years of research and development alongside our independent shop partners. One of our strengths is our professional business supporting repair shops. However, in our discussions with independent business owners, we discovered huge chances to boost their DIY traffic as well. Advance Auto Parts Merchandise is dedicated to guaranteeing the success of our current and future independent owners through this business model and a focus on the DIYer.

Offers a Convincing Response to the Consumer Demand

Advance Auto Parts Merchandise offers independent owners the chance to take advantage of our business support, vast brand portfolio, and purchasing power. This approach offers a convincing response to the expanding consumer demand when coupled with the enthusiasm our independent owners have for giving back to their local communities. In cities around the United States where Advance does not have a sizable retail presence, Advance wants to pursue additional Advance Auto Parts Merchandise shops in 2022.

Concerning Advance Auto Parts

Leading automotive aftermarket parts supplier Advance Auto Parts, Inc. caters to both professional installers and do-it-yourself clients. Advance has 215 World Pac branches and 4,748 outlets spread over the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. In addition to Mexico and numerous Caribbean islands, the corporation also provides services to 1,306 independently owned Advance Auto Parts Merchandise stores across these locations.

Locations across the U.S

Advance Auto Parts Merchandise a retailer of automotive aftermarket parts, has constructed a 45,000 square foot super hub flagship site close to downtown Los Angeles as part of its Western U.S. growth, which also involves the opening of 22 additional locations in the Los Angeles region. The firm started expanding westward in spring 2021 by leasing 109 Pep Boys stores, which were later transformed into Advance Auto Parts outlets to add to its 4,687 locations across the United States and Canada. The Los Angeles region, which is renowned for its car culture, is home to more than half set of those establishments.

Materials Are Offered Around the Country

As soon as all 109 locations are converted, Advance Auto Parts Merchandise aims to hire roughly 1,850 people throughout the state. These strategies call for the employment of qualified industrial technicians. Through virtual and live training provided by World Pac Training Institute on behalf of Advance Auto Parts, professional repair partners are able to advance their technical skill sets. These materials are offered around the country and were created and taught by factory-trained teachers.

Professional Guidance and Best-In-Class

According to Tom Greco, president and chief executive officer of Advance Auto Parts Merchandise we estimate that 70% of our consumers in Los Angeles fit the description of the typical do-it-yourselfer. When combined with the more than 7.6 million registered vehicles and the distinctive car culture of Los Angeles, this presents Advance with a significant opportunity to provide motorists with care and speed through professional guidance and best-in-class goods and services. Our timing is ideal because there is a growing need for vehicle maintenance as the average age of vehicles rises and gas and used car prices rise.

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Concerning Advance Auto Parts

The largest online retailer of automotive components and accessories in the United States is Advance Auto Parts. You may take advantage of top-notch products both at home and in your neighborhood thanks to the more than 5,000 Advance Auto Parts outlets that are spread out across the nation.

Offering Outstanding Customer Service

Whatever model of automobile you drive, Advance Auto Parts Merchandise can assist you in finding the parts and accessories you need to improve the appearance and performance of your car. With a focus on offering outstanding customer service, you have the option of chatting with one of the experienced and welcoming in-store staff members or using the website’s live chat feature, which offers guidance from automotive specialists.

Goal of Advance Auto Parts

The goal of Advance Auto Parts Merchandise is to assist all of their customers in locating the appropriate products and parts for routine auto maintenance for their vehicles. The company serves both private individuals and businesses. With Advance Auto Parts, you can also open a personal online account that will let you save the make and model of your automobile for quicker repeat orders.

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