Unlock Unlimited Design Possibilities via Acrylic UV Printing


UV printing on acrylic is the primary ornamental material. The high quality and transparency of acrylic uv printingprovides high light transmission. It’s true that acrylic uv printing has become one of the most used advertising tools in bright environments.

Hand-engraved from the acrylic material commonly used for signage, it is delivered in the latest artistic form. Acrylics are typically applied to digitally printed substrates, so depending on the quality of the film, the translucency of the substrate may not give the desired results in digitally printed quality.

Printing on a high quality UV press achieves a print quality of 1440 dpi, which is almost photographic print quality. A UV printer capable of printing up to 2pt. First in the industry in terms of quality.

acrylic uv printing

white acrylic print

The acrylic pattern pictured above has been prepared for a kitchen backsplash and works very well in terms of decoration.It is specially designed for LED lighted kitchens and uses collotype printing technology. I’m here. With experience painting kitchen panels and cabinets, we have proven ourselves in the white acrylic printing sector with our print quality and reliable service. vacuum acrylic print

Flat shaped acrylic uv printing can be vacuum formed into unique shapes after printing. This method cannot be used for commercial classic prints as the inks are not very resilient. However, thanks to the inks and printing system we use, it is possible to stretch 400 times. As Boran Reklam, we don’t vacuum, but we make acrylic uv printing that are suitable for vacuuming.

Flat fashioned acrylic uv printing may be vacuum fashioned into specific shapes after printing. This approach can not be used for business traditional prints because the inks aren’t very resilient. However, way to the inks and printing device we use, it’s miles feasible to stretch four hundred times. As Boran Reklam, we don`t vacuum, however we make acrylic uv printing which are appropriate for vacuuming.

Backlit UV print on acrylic

Clear, white, or ice-white acrylics provide excellent lighting-friendly acrylic lenses with special print modes. A unique print mode gives you excellent colors that won’t fade even when using LED lighting. Acrylic uv printing is also the most popular promotional material on the market and can display excellent logos and images on backlit signs.

Increased plexiglass pressure

By applying pressure to the same place many times, you can make the ink thicker. Braille alphabets, artwork, and typographic writing systems can be fully created. Vermeer’s masterpiece “Girl with a Pearl Earring” was also produced using artificial intelligence and superior printing technology specially developed by OCE Arizona. Thousands of layers of printing give a hammer effect through close-up photography.

Pre-printed plexiglass

A plexiglass print is used between two different plexiglasses, secured by lifting with a stylish cap screw. The plexiglass used on the back is white and is used entirely for the background.Clear 15mm plexiglass on the front (thicker plexiglass is recommended for better depth effect) is used. Using a mirror printing system, print the color first and then the white print to ensure color saturation from the back of the front plexiglass. 1440 dpi Vario-Dot technology for the highest resolution prints available on acrylic glass.

Pleasant Acrylic is a leading supplier of UV flatbed printing in Dubai. This is a new printing technology that can print on non-traditional materials. Using this technology, you can develop amazing printed materials for selling your products and services on rigid materials, including acrylic surfaces.

As a printer, we understand your concerns about using acrylic materials. Your concept should be great with neat designs, crisp prints, and a variety of colors and textures, otherwise the expected effect may be compromised. Choose these high quality printing techniques from Prismhues, the best acrylic UV flatbed printing supplier in Dubai. You can overcome these challenges and print picture-perfect designs on hard surfaces. Our service allows you to print cutouts, targets, doors, PVC, HIPS, metal sheets and more for your indoor and outdoor advertising strategies.


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