Exploring the Advantages of Acrylic Domes


Acrylic domes are hemispherical structures, built with polycarbonate or acrylic substances to shape long lasting and fascinating fixtures, which may be custom designed and suited for advantage a big choice of industries.

Here at Pleasant Plastic, we’ve over many years` enjoy in production tailor-made Acrylic domes which can be cautiously created according with our client`s man or woman requirements. The give up end result gives our clients plenty of benefits which includes:

Versatile packages

Acrylic domes have an infinite quantity of makes use of which could advantage people and businesses. For example, they may be used as a part of an modern exhibit, with a purpose to exhibit and guard artwork shows in a gallery and artifacts in a museum.

If you’re seeking out a completely unique and fascinating mild shade, an acrylic dome could be an appropriate option, as they’re extraordinarily adaptable and could spotlight and beautify a room of your choice.

Tailored designs

Depending on its meant application, acrylic domes in Dubai may be tailor-made to satisfy a huge variety of requirements. For example, it’s far feasible to personalize the dimensions of the acrylic domes, in addition to the colors, styles and personalised designs.

At Pleasant Plastic, we offer plenty of tailor-made services – together with painting, sandblasting, and frosting the acrylic dome. We also can upload extra capabilities together with lights outcomes and engravings with a purpose to completely beautify your acrylic dome.

Brand attention

One of the largest benefits of buying an acrylic dome is that it may advantage your enterprise in plenty of ways. For instance, you may make use of an acrylic dome as a shape of signage on your organization – which includes your business enterprise name, logo, and logo colors, with a purpose to have interaction and trap capability clients.

Acrylic domes also are perfect for window shows, alerting your clients to modern income and gives that you could have on to your shop, café, eating place or bar. Unlike window shows which have a ordinary sign, a dome is a completely unique function and is, therefore, much more likely to attract your clients in with its modern design.

acrylic dome

Acrylic Dome Skylights

Dome skylights provide many benefits to the homeowner. They are light-weight and require little, or no maintenance. They are the high-satisfactory preference for a skylight in case you stay in a weather with severe temperatures considering that they hold strength switch to a minimum. They may be bought as a single, double, or triple dome, however in case you are searching out strength performance you ought to simplest take into account a double or triple dome.

A dome skylight is appropriate for any roof, together with flat roofs. In reality they may be specially nicely desirable for flat roofs because of the reality that they shed water speedy due to the “self-cleaning” component of the dome. Typically, the dome`s peak is about 25% of the width of the skylight which permits the water to speedy glide off the surface.

The cappotential to accumulate mild from many angles is any other massive benefit of the dome skylight, in contrast to a flat skylight which simplest permits direct mild to enter. If illuminating a room is the primary challenge then a clean acrylic dome is the high-satisfactory preference. If you’re searching out a greater mild lighting fixtures impact then a white or bronze acrylic dome is the high-satisfactory alternative-specially for mild-touchy people. The white or bronze skylight has the impact of softening the mild getting into the room and has a tendency to put off the glare.

Finally, a massive benefit of an acrylic dome skylight is that its form is plenty more potent than a flat acrylic skylight. Flat sheets of plastic normally have a miles extra tendency to amplify and settlement that may cause in advance failure of the material.

Overall, the selection of a dome skylight may be decided via way of means of your man or woman desires however, in popular, it will likely be one of the high-satisfactory alternatives in case you are searching out a skylight with strength performance, cappotential to illuminate, and longevity.

Customize your acrylic dome nowadays

Here at Pleasant Plastic, we manufacture Teedy™ acrylic domes, which can be all authenticated via way of means of our certificates of best. This calls for us to double test the size, clarity, popular surface, peak and diameter accuracy of all our domes – making sure which you get hold of the high-satisfactory best designs that cater for your requirements.

We presently inventory acrylic domes as much as 1800 mm in diameter (which can be appropriate for show off shows and protection cameras) and our polycarbonate domes are to be had as much as 600mm, making them best for play regions and keep shows. If you’re searching out a miles large acrylic dome, then this could want to be ordered nicely in advance.

In order to area an order for our most beneficial perspex domes, you could fill in our touch shape and element all of your acrylic dome requirements.


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