7 Trendy Nail-Art Designs You Can Create at Home 


Nail art trends have currently become the go-to fashion addition for most people. You no longer have to paint your nails a simple color like in traditional times. From fashion influencers to Hollywood celebs, all are introducing new nail designs whose popularity is constantly rising. So, you can also boot your fashion game by painting your nails with the latest designs. 

Nevertheless, creating complicated nail art is more challenging than it may sound. Swiping a single shade of nail polish without getting them all over your cuticles is a huge struggle. Then comes the challenge of creating the designs on them. So, you’d like to take a trip to the nearest salon to get your nails done. But that can be pretty harsh on your pocket.  

Luckily, there are some easy yet pretty nail art designs that you may create at home without years of training or experience. Here are the seven most trending nail art designs that any DIY-er would find easy to create on their nails.  

  1. The Delightful Dots 

This one is a simple design you can create at home without using complicated tools. Instead, you’d be surprised that you can create this design using bobby pins. So, if you thought you could use the bobby pins only on your hair, perhaps, it could be more beneficial to you than that. You can use it as a nail varnish dotting tool. To create this design: 

  • Coat your nails with a base coat and then apply a nude color. 
  • Dip the beaded ends of the bobby pin into a black color polish, coating it lightly. 
  • Use it to place the polish gently onto your nails, dot by dot. 
  • Apply a layer of top coat over it and let it dry.  
  1. Ombre Nails 

To get a stylish look suitable for any occasion or season, look no further than ombre nails. These classic designs have been there for a while now. You may create this design using two nail polish colors in a light-to-dark gradient. Painting your nails with a nude or white color creates the best base to achieve the ombre effect. Apply a layer of two colors overlapping each other on a sponge and dab lightly on your nails. Keep repeating this step until you are satisfied with the ombre effect.  

Clean the excess polish from this nail’s side using a nail wipe. Let it dry, and complete it with a clear top coat.  

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  1. Random Doodles 

Doodling is an art not just limited to a piece of paper but can also serve as an inspiration for your nails. Creating this funky design is pretty simple. For this design, you may want to apply a layer of high-pigmented colors, such as black, on your nails, and it will help the doodle art to pop nicely. Then, use a fine-tipped nail brush and dip it in a light color, preferably white, to paint your favorite doodles on each nail. Finally, ensure it is dry before sealing it off with a topcoat to prevent smudging.  

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  1. Wavy Red 

The wavy red nail art is a trending design with a minimal look. It does not need much effort, but you’ll love the outcome. Like other nail designs, the wavy red abstract lines will give an alluring and simple effect. To create this look, apply the base coat followed by a layer of nude color. You can also skip the nude color if you want. Let it dry completely. Next, using a fine detailing brush, dip it in red color and draw freestyled, random swirl lines varying in thickness. Remember, subjective arts need not be perfect—lastly, coat with a topcoat polish for shine.  

  1. Shimmering Tips 

Glittery nails can give you the picture-perfect party effect. This design is trending as it lets you create a shimmery look without going overboard. Moreover, you don’t have to paint your entire nails with a glittery color; instead, limit it to your nail tips only. Paint the nails with a clear base coat and let them dry. Next, apply a solid color like red, black, blue, or nude. After drying it, use silver or golden glitter gel colors to paint only the nail tips.  

You can even use glitter powder colors to dab at the end of the nails using a nail brush to create an ombre effect. For a shinier effect, apply the top coat and cure it completely.  

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  1. Pastel Mismatch 

Sometimes minimalistic is the way to go. With these designs, you can create a statement look without doing anything extra. The pastel mismatch is one such trending nail art design where you may appear elegant effortlessly without much effort. Start painting your nails with solid pastel colors such as yellow, blue, green, pink, etc. You are flexible in choosing multiple shades and colors, each nail with a different color to achieve a mismatched look. Try mirroring the colors on both hands for a more polished look.  

  1. Marble Nails 

Unlike the popular marble design, no other design could do justice to a chic summertime and sophisticated look. For this nail art, choose pastel colors. Apply two colors on the nails as the base and other colors in different areas overlapping each other. Blend them lightly together to create the marble effect and let them dry. You can apply a shiny or matte top coat for a polished look. 

Final Note 

So, there you have it, the seven best and most trending nail designs you may create at home. What makes them easy is the use of minimum tools and simple designs. Now, you can save your bucks without visiting a nail salon because creating nail art designs at home has become more accessible.  


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