The advantages of having auto insurance are much more relevant than you might think. Have you ever stopped to think about how many benefits you receive when you make a good hire?

It is common to think of mandatory insurance or just in accident situations, for example. However, the coverage offers more than just protection for those times.

To better understand, check out the main advantages below!

Find out how auto insurance works

How car insurance works are simple. You hire the service and guarantee protection for the vehicle. In practice, there is a determined amount according to coverage. The service may be only responsible for accidents or unforeseen events on the road, for example.

In general, the value of this insurance varies according to the type of car, and the number of kilometers driven, among others. In addition, criteria such as:

● circulation location;

● use — for work or home use;

● selling price.

● Driver’s age

● Garage

The level of assistance varies by company and packages offered. There are basic policies and also additional assistance that can be contracted separately. Therefore, benefits vary greatly according to coverage and policy, and it is essential to analyze what is most valid for your case.

See what are the 6 advantages of having auto insurance

It is always important to consider that the advantages of having auto insurance only increase with the purchase of the policy. In the basic service, coverage usually includes items such as theft, theft, collision, etc. Find out below which are the main advantages according to different coverages!

24-hour support

Have you ever noticed that the tire goes flat only in difficult situations? It’s never close to a tire shop, and you never have time to spare. 24-hour support is a nice perk of having additional coverage. You can even request a spare car, if applicable.

Another important point is that you have assistance to resolve accident issues at any time. Even if the collision happened during the night, assistance will always be guaranteed and with less chance of damage.

Protection against third parties

As much as you are a very careful driver, no one is safe from a collision. And much less one caused by third parties. One of the advantages of auto insurance is to also have protection against these damages, whether small or large.

Depending on the type of coverage, even broken glass can be part of the insurance. Not to mention that, if you are the cause of the crash, there is also the possibility of covering the details of the car involved from your plan with the best insurance company you hire.

Financial tranquility

Even a simple accident tends to be costly, especially as it is not expected or can be financially anticipated. Thus, having insurance is a way to have more peace of mind. Even if you use it a few times, the value of insurance will always be better planned.

What happens is that you manage to include the amount in your budget organically. This way, you can easily control your spending without having to worry about financial surprises.

Ease of repairs

Even a tow truck service falls under the benefits of having insurance for your vehicle. The cost of a service like this is high, even if you still don’t even know what happened to the car. If hired, this additional facilitates such repairs.

It is also important to reinforce the possibility of a reserve car. Think about the last time you thought, “ my car broke down , what now?”. If your vehicle breaks down midweek, for example, you don’t have to walk or change your schedule because you don’t have a car. Simply order a replacement until the problem is resolved.

Complete protection

Unfortunately, robberies and thefts are a reality. When full coverage is contracted, protection also extends to these situations. Everything will always depend on what is in the contract, however, it is possible to take care of even the items that are inside the car.

According to your policy, you can be indemnified in cases of both stolen objects and theft of the vehicle itself. The contract will always specify the conditions and make your life easier in this type of unexpected situation.

Service option

For those looking for maximum practicality, insurance has advantages that go far beyond. The chauffeur service is an example of this. Depending on the policy, it is possible to contract this option and have it available according to the contract rules.

It is also worth mentioning that certain insurers have agreements with parking lots and companies in other niches. Consequently, many offer discounts and service options that go beyond the car itself.

Before closing, it should be emphasized that services vary according to coverage. The following cases are usually included in the basic policy :

● collision, fire, robbery and theft;

● theft, theft and fire;

● collision and fire;

● full compensation due to collision, fire, theft and theft;

● full indemnity due to theft, theft and fire.

The order and coverage varies according to the contracted insurer. However, initial protection involves these situations. As for the additions, it varies a lot.

It is even possible to add car armor and anti-theft systems as part of the policy. Always remembering that the additional ones are negotiated at the time of hiring and will have values ​​according to the negotiation.

In summary, there are many advantages of having auto insurance. For those who only use the most basic coverage, collision situations are contemplated, but they can also involve robbery and theft. For those looking for more complete coverage, the additional services involve both options such as a tow truck and driver, as well as shielding or protection for glass and headlights. Thus, the benefits only grow, being very valuable for any vehicle owner.

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