4 Must Have Accessories For Your Action Camera


There are several things you need to have with you when you are taking pictures with your action camera. They include things like a tripod, a remote shutter release, memory cards and a fast prime lens. All of these are essential, but it’s important to know which ones are the most important.

action camera microphone attachment

In today’s world of mobile content creation, action camera microphone attachments are indispensable. With an external microphone, you can record sound that’s better than what you would capture with your action camera’s default built-in mic.

The quality of an action camera’s audio can make or break a video. An external mic will boost sound quality, reduce wind noise, and improve ambient noise reduction. It will also allow you to connect two audio sources at once.

A microphone with a cardioid condenser capsule provides superior sound. These units usually come with a TRS (3.5mm) input or a USB-C output. Some models include a foam windscreen for improved audio quality.

Most action cameras are designed to have a USB-C connection. However, some models don’t have a 3.5mm audio jack. Using a 3.5mm audio adapter will allow you to connect your action camera with a lavalier microphone.

Fast Prime Lens

The latest and greatest action cameras are packed with features to keep you busy and entertained while you’re on the go. Fortunately, most of these cameras are waterproof and capable of shooting high-quality 4K video and high-res photographs from virtually any angle. You can even connect your phone to the camera and get a live feed, letting you share your adventures with family and friends.

There’s no question that the GoPro Hero is the undisputed king of the action sports camera category. But there are many more to choose from. Aside from being a great dummy proof camera, the GoPro also makes a good choice for travel and adventure. These cameras are equipped with smart accessories, ranging from a camera mount for your smartphone to an HDMI cable for your laptop. Using the right accessories can help you capture the perfect moment.


When it comes to making your videos look as smooth as possible, a tripod is a must have accessory. In addition to the stability, you will need, you’ll also want to find a tripod with a good head, so you can move your camera without having to worry about camera shake.

The Joby GorillaPod is an easy-to-use tripod that provides a sturdy and versatile support for your camera. It can be folded and wrapped around objects, hooked to your car door, or even used as a hand-held tripod.

The tripod features a flexible head and three extension legs. The legs are composed of rubberized feet for added traction. This helps prevent skidding when you’re working on a rough surface.

Manfrotto offers several different models. For instance, the Compact Action Aluminum model is a great introduction to the world of tripods. This aluminum tripod is very light and durable, and it offers simple operation.

Remote Shutter Release

A Remote Shutter Release is a camera accessory that gives photographers the opportunity to take photos without having to physically touch their cameras. It also allows them to avoid having to stand near the camera and to capture tricky compositions.

There are two main types of remote shutter releases. They can be either wired or wireless. Wireless remotes use WiFi or Bluetooth signal to trigger the shutter, and most new compact cameras have built-in WiFi support. The smallest and most portable of the two is the wireless remote.

Some remote shutter releases have an intervalometer, which allows the user to set the timing for the release. This allows the photographer to capture several shots of a single composition, which is a popular technique in many photographic pursuits.

Memory Cards

If you are considering getting an action camera, you will want to make sure that you have the right accessories. This includes memory cards. Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned user, you should know that it is important to choose the right type of card for your needs.

Memory cards have come a long way in terms of technology and quality. Getting a high-end memory card can help improve your performance. There are some factors you should take into account when selecting a card, including its capacity, price, and durability.

The best memory card for your action camera is the SanDisk 128GB Extreme microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card. It offers reliable transfer rates, fast read speeds, and is waterproof. Besides, the card is available at a budget-friendly price.


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