3 Best Bird Bath Heater & De-Icer Picks For Winter


In the winter, a Best Bird Bath Heater with fresh, warm water may be the most attractive thing you can give to birds. But: It’s too bad that birdbaths are frozen solid because it’s been so cold. The good news is that there are heaters for birdbaths. These are things you can put in your birdbath to keep the water from freezing when it’s cold.

Api Bucket Birdbath De-Icer

There are a lot of reviews for Heated Bird Bath online, but we can guarantee that these 3 brands are the best bird bath heaters for you. The API Bucket Birdbath De-Icer is my top choice. I’ll explain why in a moment. The power of this bath deicer is 200 watts. Which might sound pricey. But a built-in thermostat will save energy when the bath doesn’t need to be heated, so you won’t have to worry about a high electric bill.

Different From Other De-Icers

The API Bucket Best Bird Bath Heater De-Icer is different from other de-icers because it comes with an adjustable clamp that lets you mount it to your bath. This product is built to last, and you shouldn’t have any trouble with it for at least 4–6 years. It has a 6-foot-long cord that is wrapped with electrical tape and completely enclosed, making it impossible for squirrels or other animals to chew or damage the wire.

It Can Melt Ice From Fountains

It can melt ice from fountains at 0 degrees and birdbaths at -22 degrees. But the Best Bird Bath Heater hardens, so you’ll need to clean off the deposits once a year. If you don’t, you might not be able to remove them after a few years.


This deicer can heat your bath even when it’s very cold outside, saves energy, works for up to six years, and can’t be broken by animals. Check the price now. Pros: It’s safe for all kinds of birdbath materials, has a 6-foot cord, saves energy with a thermostat, has a guard against chewing, and comes with an adjustable clamp.

K&H Pet Products

 K&H PET PRODUCTS The best budget option is the Original Ice Eliminator Best Bird Bath Heater. This K&H PET PRODUCTS Birdbath deicer claims to only cost $1–3 a month by using its thermostat, which is 50 watts for a standard-sized bath and 80 watts for a large-sized bath.

It’s a great deal to get a high-quality Best Bird Bath Heater deicer that costs less and uses half as much power as other birdbath deicers. It can also keep your birdbath from freezing in temperatures below zero and keep your water from freezing in temperatures as low as -30 degrees.

Staining Your Birdbath

Its enamel finish keeps it from getting hard, rusting, or staining your birdbath, which is what most heaters do. The 18-inch cord that comes with the Best Bird Bath Heater keeps the unit from falling out or floating away.

But the 18-inch cord may not be long enough for some Best Bird Bath Heater.  Its enamel finish is strong and durable. It’s easy to clean; it uses little energy; it won’t stain your bathtub; its aluminum housing lets you paint and design its outside; it has a short cord. Its cord is too short.

Metal And Non-Metal

Surprisingly, this birdbath is not only cheap, but also of high quality, lasts a long time, and doesn’t cost much to run. This is a great choice if you have a plastic birdbath because it won’t melt or stain the bath like other metal and non-metal deicers do.

Bath Heater Uses 150 Watts

The best heavy-duty choice is the Farm Innovators Best Bird Bath Heater. The Farm Innovators Bird Bath Heater uses 150 watts, so it will use more energy than the product it replaces. This heater might be too expensive. But it is very helpful for people who live in colder places and have a big bird bath.


35 Or Even -40 Degrees

If it gets close to -35 or even -40 degrees where you live, you know that regular heaters won’t work. Even though they might keep your bath water from freezing, you would still notice that it is cold. On the other hand, if you have a big bird bath, you’ll probably need two or three heaters to keep it warm and free of ice.

A Bird Bath Heater

So it wouldn’t be too bad to have a Best Bird Bath Heater that works even if it uses more power, right. But even though this bird bath heater is made of patented cast aluminum, it won’t melt or burn your plastic bird bath. It will warm the water, but not to high temperatures. It’s heavy enough to stay in the water, and it works best when it’s completely submerged.

Controlled By A Thermostat

There is a chance that the heater will get dirty and need to be cleaned so that the water stays clean and the heater continues to work.  It’s controlled by a thermostat it’s made of patented cast aluminum; it can heat up big bird baths that hold up to 25 gallons of water; it will work even when it’s as cold as -40 degrees.

This heater works best for jobs that would normally need two or three heaters. This product would be perfect for you if you have a large bath, live in a very cold area, and want a heater that won’t melt or float in your bath.

What Is A Heater For A Bird Bath

Bird bath heaters are also sometimes called deicers. Bird bath Heaters are things you put in your bird bath to keep the water from freezing or becoming ice. They might be less expensive than buying a heated bird bath, especially if you like the bird bath you already have.

How To Choose The Right Bird Bath

Most of the time, a 50-watt Best Bird Bath Heater is enough. Still, there are times when more wattage is needed, like when the weather is very hot or when the bird bath is bigger . But you wouldn’t have to worry about buying a heater with a high wattage because you’d normally use that much power trying to keep your bath warm with two or three regular heaters/deicers.


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